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Audit Compliance System at Bright Blue Foods

SG Systems Global is delighted to announce the successful implementation of app based auditing solution ‘AuditTec Compliance’ (audit compliance system).  This time at Award Winning cake manufacturer, Bright Blue Foods (BBF). 

BBF is one of the UK’s leading ambient cake and chilled dessert manufacturers of retailer own label, licensed and branded cakes, supplying major retailers across the UK and European market.

AuditTec Compliance

With multiple facilities strategically located in the UK and Poland, BBF manufactures hundreds of items and SKU’s.  Maintaining accurate quality control standards are paramount in achieving consistent processes for health and safety, compliance, and regulation.

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For this reason, BBF decided to implement AuditTec Compliance from SG Systems Global. AuditTec Compliance is an app based audit management system designed to make audits and regulatory compliance much simpler and more secure that the regular Excel or paper-based audit reporting. The audit compliance system guarantees that only the latest approved published audits are used, eliminating the scenario of operators entering data into expired versions.

175 Operators & 225 Active Audits

BBF is a multi-site manufacturing operation, so AuditTec Compliance is used by Quality Assurance and Compliance personnel across Blackburn, Shadsworth, Bradford, Hull & Poland. Over 175 Operators rely on the audit compliance software on a regular basis to conduct audits, manage responses and alert management of any non-conformances.

AuditTec Compliance is setup to manage over 225 of the companies published audits.  The app based auditing plays a key role in helping BBF to achieve BRC standards, GMP milestones and comply with problematic and tedious audits such as ‘Glass & Perspex’ and Hygiene.  BBF also use AuditTec Compliance for external audit management – such as Supplier audits, pest controls etc.

Multiple Site Technical Manager, Russell Cawdron states “AuditTec Compliance allows our published audits to be conducted by all personnel on our existing mobile devices. The cloud solution means we do not have to worry about data backup, storage and above all – paperwork.  We tested the system at one facility and have since implemented the audit compliance system to our other facilities.  The system is easy to use, reliable and affordable.”

Because AuditTec Compliance is cloud based, BBF Head Office (and any remote auditors, such as BRC inspectors) can review the level of audit compliance across all sites at a local level and as a collective group.

audit compliance system | Audit App | app based auditing | audit compliance

Completed audits can easily be generated from the cloud base portal which hosts a dashboard of completed audit performance data, open non conformances.  Audits are backed up with multiple collected images which helps to validate Operator responses.   

Multiple Site Technical Manager, Russell Cawdron also states “We have complete confidence in AuditTec Compliance, and we enjoy using it. Our customer base which includes all the UK Food Retailers have been extremely impressed with the transparent and user-friendly software which gives them confidence in us as a premium supplier. During a recent 3rd Party BRC audit, the Auditor commented that this was one of the most robust systems they had seen and the way we have implemented the app based auditing system has really driven high auditing standards.”

For more information on AuditTec Compliance and audit compliance system, visit For more information on BBF, visit

audit compliance system | audit app | app based auditing | audit compliance

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