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Best Bakery Management System at Bretzel Bakery!

SG Systems is delighted to announce the successful implementation of V5 Traceability (bakery inventory management software | bakery management system | erp for bakery) and AuditTec Compliance systems at Bretzel Bakery in Ireland.

Established in 1870, award winning Bretzel Bakery make and bake a wide range of breads, sourdough breads and pastries for the Food Service, Sandwich and Retail sector.

V5 Traceability with Cybake Scheduling Interface

Keeping track of all inventory and batch production is paramount at Bretzel Bakery.  However, an interface with Cybake (ERP for bakery software from RedBlack Software) was required to streamline the production planning process and produce an effective bakery management system.

Customer orders are entered into Cybake through their ecommerce website.  Cybake consolidates these orders into optimal sized production batches, which are then available to operators on the V5 Formula Systems.

best bakery inventory management software | best bakery management system | best erp for bakery

Bretzel operates two bakeries (Dublin and Co Kildare).  Both bakeries installed the V5 Formula Systems for managing and executing production batches, and both sites installed the WMS software for receiving and managing all incoming inventory.   Both sites operate barcode scanners, printers, touch screen and scales in production and wireless tablet computers in the warehouse.

Owner, William Despard, custodian of The Bretzel bakery since December 2000, comments “Our ethos is to make excellent breads, culminating in winning the Supreme Champion of Ireland, Blas na hEireann 2020.  Along the way there have been a lot of enhancements in baking techniques and technology.  We purchased V5 bakery management system because it allows us to produce bread in a traditional way, but it reduced the risk of incorrect formulations.  On top of that, having bakery inventory management software with paperless traceability is a real bonus the Cybake Integration takes automated scheduling to a whole new level”

AuditTec BRC Compliance

Bretzel Bakery also purchased AuditTec, audit compliance software to deliver paperless BRC compliance on smart phones and tablets around the bakeries. 

AuditTec allows the company’s internal audits to be managed digitally and more efficiently.  Audits such as Glass & Perspex, Hygiene and GMP are all setup on the AuditTec web-based solution with escalation paths and email notifications for raised non-conformances.  AuditTec operates on the company’s tablet pc’s and smartphones, capturing data using text and picture formats for retrieval later during external audits (read more about external audits).

Managing Director, Dymphna O’Brien states “We pride ourselves on being the only artisan bakery of its kind with the structures and disciplines of a large food manufacturers. With AuditTec installed, digital auditing has become a reality. We rely on the system for all aspects of BRC compliance.  V5 is the best bakery inventory management software system and has removed the vast majority of paperwork required in the bakeries and having all the data audit ready, whenever we need it is a huge benefit to us”

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  1. What is SG Systems Global’s Bakery Inventory Management Software? A comprehensive bakery management system designed to optimize bakery operations, including inventory tracking, recipe management, and production planning.

  2. How does the V5 Traceability software enhance food safety in bakeries? It offers paperless traceability, ensuring accurate tracking of ingredients from their origin to the final product, crucial for food safety and quality assurance.

  3. Can the Bakery Management System integrate with existing ERP systems? Yes, it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and accounting software, enhancing functionality with real-time production and inventory data.

  4. What industries benefit from the V5 Traceability software? Industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemical & plastics benefit from its precise tracking and compliance features.

  5. Does the Bakery Inventory Management Software support real-time inventory tracking? Yes, it enables real-time tracking of ingredients and finished products, ensuring efficient inventory management.

  6. How does V5 Traceability comply with regulatory standards? It adheres to standards from organizations like BRC, SQF, FDA, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements.

  7. What are the key features of SG Systems Global’s Bakery Management System for recipe management? The system offers detailed recipe formulation, batch control, and ingredient tracking to maintain consistent product quality.

  8. Can V5 Traceability handle bulk ingredient control? Yes, it accurately tracks high-volume ingredients and ensures traceability in automatic bulk transfers.

  9. Is the Bakery Management System suitable for small and medium-sized bakeries? Absolutely, it’s scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized bakery operations.

  10. What role does V5 Traceability play in waste reduction and quality control? It includes statistical process control (SPC) to minimize waste, enhance quality control, and reduce product returns.

  11. How does the Bakery Management System aid in production planning? It offers tools for efficient production scheduling, resource allocation, and order management to optimize bakery operations.

  12. Does V5 Traceability offer product labeling and pallet management solutions? Yes, it provides solutions for accurate product labeling and efficient pallet management, essential for inventory and shipment tracking.

  13. Can the Bakery Inventory Management Software track sales and financial data? Yes, it includes features for sales tracking, financial reporting, and analytics to inform business decisions.

  14. What is the impact of V5 Traceability on supply chain management? It enhances supply chain transparency, allowing businesses to track components and manage supply chains effectively.

  15. Does SG Systems Global offer support and training for their Bakery Management System? Yes, they provide comprehensive support and training to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the system.

  16. How does V5 Traceability facilitate paperless operations? Its digital tracking system eliminates the need for paper records, reducing errors and inefficiencies associated with manual documentation.

  17. What customization options are available in the Bakery Management System? The system offers various customization options to cater to the unique operational needs of different bakeries.

  18. Can V5 Traceability be used in pharmaceutical and life sciences industries? Yes, its precise tracking capabilities make it suitable for drug safety and regulatory compliance in these industries.

  19. How does the Bakery Management System ensure product consistency? It maintains strict control over recipes and ingredients, ensuring consistent quality and taste in bakery products.

  20. What are the future development plans for V5 Traceability software? Ongoing development focuses on enhancing its capabilities in traceability, compliance, and integration with emerging technologies and industry standards.


best bakery inventory management software | best bakery management system | erp for bakery

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