Technical Update

Digital Production Planning

SG Systems is delighted to announce the latest innovation available in V5 Control Center Professional Edition V5.7.4.1 and above.  ‘Planning’ allows companies to schedule batch production from sales orders containing finished goods or SKU’s.  After entering or importing sales orders, the Planning module allows the …

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Handling Multiple Sites in WMS

SG Systems is delighted to announce the latest WMS development available as an option in V5 WMS Professional Edition V5.6.69 and above.  ‘Stock Transfer’ allows companies to schedule inventory movements between locations and manage the ‘IN-TRANSIT’ status to account for the delivery itself. Stock Transfer …

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Scheduled Cycle Counting

The perfect enhancement to the V5 Warehouse Management System, ‘Scheduled Cycle Counting’ allows Management to decide what and when inventory items are checked for accuracy.  Confirming theoretical inventory with actual inventory is necessary to align internal systems. Many companies check all their inventory or a …

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Lab Testing for Certificate of Analysis

SG Systems is delighted to announce it’s latest software module available for Profession and Enterprise Versions (click here for versions).  The ‘Lab Testing’ Software allows manufacturers of products to perform a configurable set of attribute testing routines (often referred to as LIMS or Laboratory Information …

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Backward Traceability Report

As a major food manufacturer, handling a fussy auditor is one thing, but handling a recall from a major customer is another. It can be a deal breaker if you’re unable to produce accurate traceability within hours.  The longer the recall takes, the less confidence …

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Forward Traceability Report

Tracing a raw ingredient from receiving, through the batching scales and mixer process, to the finished product stages and linked to a list of customer sales orders is a challenge to every food manufacturer. Not any more!!! With V5 Traceability, it’s just a click of …

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August 29, 2019

New V5 Touch Screen Controller

Ultra heavy duty IP69k 316 Stainless Steel touch screen perfect for all harsh manufacturing environments where material traceability is a must! Available globally in over 200 languages, with integration to most ERP / Accounting packages. Each V5 Terminal connects to (up to) 4 serial scales …

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