Cosmetics Batch Control System with Dynamics AX Interface

Bissu Cosmetics was founded in 1991 with the purpose of making available to the Mexican market a wide range of beauty products with the highest quality standards worldwide. This article explains how the cosmetics batch control system (perfume batch control) improves productivity and reduces ‘out of specification’ batches and leverages the Microsoft Dynamics Scale API.

Cosmetics Batch Control, Perfume Batch Control, Dynamics AX

The manufacturing facility produces a wide range of high quality cosmetics products. Bissu Cosmetics develop, manufacture, distribute and technically support hundreds of cosmetic products for the heavily regulated and fashion conscious consumer market.

To control the manufacturing and quality processes in their state of the art operation, Bissu Cosmetics decided to invest in the Cosmetics Batch Control System from SG Systems Global, to make their already robust batch weighing process even tighter. Bissu Cosmetics needed to take their manual batching process to the next level and bridge the gap between their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System and the shop floor weighing operations. Dynamics AX software typically manages a company’s business processes, including the Bills of Materials (BOM), Production Schedule and Inventory.

SG Systems has a history of Cosmetics & Perfume Batch Control Systems with installations in many countries over many years, providing compliance with 21 CFR parts 73, 74, and 82.  (See inspection guides produced by the FDA Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices)

For any business running ERP, it is important that ERP remains the master database. SG Systems were able to demonstrate a clear, safe and practical method for handling ingredient data. In addition, SG Systems is a company who is flexible enough to customize hardware & software to meet the needs of a demanding, high productivity, production led operation, especially in a Cosmetics and Perfume Batch Control application.

Companies usually print the Production Schedule and BOM’s from Dynamics AX onto a sheet of paper and hand it to the production team to complete the weighing and batching processes, and then return the completed paperwork to the production supervisors to enter the inventory used and batches made into Dynamics AX. This process is now well known to be problematic. Operator errors in the weighing process and inaccuracies in lot control are usually not reflected in the paper trail – this can cause problems with accounting, inventory and purchasing in addition to the quality of the product from batch to batch.

The Solution – V5 RFS (Cosmetics Batch Control Systems)

It begins with a download from Microsoft Dynamics Scale API . Once a manufacturing order has been created in Dynamics AX, a file is transferred to the Cosmetics Batch Control Systems containing the Production Plan (number of batches, required batch size, substitutions and production locations) and the BOM containing the recipe steps and target weights. The available inventory is made available for the system to consume from lot numbers, stock codes and quantities.

The Production Plan is then available at the custom made operator workstations. The station consists of a Touch Screen User Interface, 2 Sartorius High Resolution Industrial Scales, a Label Printer and Barcode Scanner.

The V5 Touch Screen User Interface allows the Production Plan (transferred from Dynamics AX using the Microsoft Dynamics Scale API ) to be displayed using easy to follow screens. This eliminates paper schedules and prevents operators making incorrect or out of sequence formulations. After selecting the required recipe, the operator follows simple screens which prompt for lot number scans. A simple speedometer display ensures the weighed items are portioned correctly and within tight, management set tolerances.

The operator cannot weigh up too much or too little as the system will not accept out of tolerance weighing. This has a big impact on batch consistency and overall product quality.

‘Mistake Free’ Paperless Lot Traceability

After the weighing is complete and the ingredients have been labeled with a unique batch number, the system uses a V5 Bagging Terminal and Barcode Reader to allow the whole bags to be collated with the partially weighed ingredients. This is a critical control point as the batches can be over 100kg and contain many color pigments which are critical to the success of the batch.

The Microsoft Dynamics Scale API Bag Terminal allows the correct whole bags to be collated with the correct partially weighed items, ensuring the batch is 100% accurate. To provide paperless traceability, the V5 System creates inventory usage files in real time (after each batch is complete) which are in turn used to deduct inventory from the customers ERP (Located in Mexico). This improves inventory visibility in Dynamics AX, reduces man hours spent on data entry and saves time double handling data.

In addition, the Perfume Batch Control Systems provides actual usage based on the scaling weights, instead of theoretical usage based on target weights. This allows accurate yields to be calculated which provides visibility for supplier inventory accuracy. SG Systems comments “The new V5 Cosmetics Batch Control Systems installation ensures the correct material is weighed out at the correct amount every time, we have seen greatly improved inventory accuracy and client confidence & trust in our traceability is hugely satisfying… not to mention making audits quicker and easier.“


  1. What is the Cosmetics Batch Control System? This system aims to enhance productivity and reduce batches that don’t meet specifications in cosmetic manufacturing. It uses the Microsoft Dynamics Scale API to streamline and optimize the manufacturing process.
  2. Who typically uses this system? Cosmetic manufacturers like Bissu Cosmetics utilize this system to better manage their manufacturing and quality assurance processes, ensuring higher standards of product consistency and compliance.
  3. What challenge did Bissu Cosmetics face before implementing this system? Bissu Cosmetics struggled with a manual batching process that lacked integration with their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System, leading to inefficiencies in their production workflow.
  4. What functionalities does Microsoft Dynamics AX offer? Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that manages critical business processes, including managing Bills of Materials, scheduling production, and tracking inventory.
  5. How does the Batch Control System complement ERP systems? It ensures that the ERP system remains the central database, providing a reliable and efficient way to handle ingredient data and maintain data integrity.
  6. What are the traditional production problems this system addresses? The system tackles common issues like operator errors during weighing and tracking, which can lead to inaccuracies in inventory management, financial accounting, and ultimately, the quality of the final product.
  7. How does the system integrate with Microsoft Dynamics Scale API? The integration involves transferring production plans and Bills of Materials from Dynamics AX to the Batch Control Systems, ensuring seamless communication between planning and production.
  8. What comprises the operator workstations? These workstations are equipped with a user-friendly Touch Screen Interface, precision scales, label printers, and barcode scanners, all designed to facilitate efficient and accurate batch processing.
  9. What is the role of the V5 Touch Screen User Interface? The V5 Interface displays the production plan in a user-friendly format, eliminating the need for paper schedules and reducing the likelihood of errors in formulation.
  10. How does the system impact batch consistency and quality? It enforces strict weighing tolerances, ensuring each batch is consistent with the prescribed quality standards, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the products.
  11. What is ‘Mistake Free’ Paperless Lot Traceability? This feature involves labeling ingredients with unique batch numbers post-weighing and using a Bagging Terminal and Barcode Reader for precise collation, significantly improving traceability and accuracy in batch production.
  12. How does the system enhance inventory management in Dynamics AX? By creating real-time inventory usage files, the system offers an up-to-date view of inventory levels, streamlining inventory management and reducing manual data entry.
  13. What distinguishes actual from theoretical usage in this system? Unlike theoretical calculations, the system provides actual usage data based on the weights measured during scaling, allowing for more precise yield calculations.
  14. How does this affect supplier inventory accuracy? Accurate yield calculations based on actual usage data enhance the accuracy of supplier inventory, ensuring that supplies and demand are better aligned.
  15. What improvements in inventory accuracy and client confidence has the system brought? The system has led to a significant improvement in inventory accuracy, enhancing client trust and confidence in the company’s traceability and quality control measures.
  16. How does the system streamline audit processes? With its accurate and easily accessible data, the system simplifies and speeds up audit processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  17. What is the function of the Microsoft Dynamics Scale API Bag Terminal? This terminal ensures the accurate collation of whole bags with partially weighed items, crucial for maintaining batch accuracy and consistency.
  18. What are the key benefits of the V5 System? The V5 System offers real-time creation of inventory usage files and facilitates paperless traceability, reducing the time spent on data entry and improving data accuracy.
  19. How does the system improve data handling in production? It minimizes the need for manual data handling, saving time and reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.
  20. What are the overall advantages of the Cosmetics Batch Control System? The system enhances operational efficiency, ensures product quality, and improves compliance with industry standards in cosmetic manufacturing.

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