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Manufacturing ERP System at NaturaSeal

SG Systems Global is delighted to announce another successful implementation (from factory simulation to software for production implementation and live scheduling production) our best in class manufacturing ERP System – V5 Traceability.  This time at Ontario, Canada based NaturaSeal.

NaturaSeal specializes in post blending and marketing of instant-setting elastomer modified asphalt emulsion coatings that are environmentally and workplace safe. The company’s business concept is to supersede traditional asphalt based waterproofing membranes and solvent-based coatings with its unique modified emulsion products created from readily available waste in the oil and forestry industries.

V5 Traceability with SAGE300 Integration

The specialty coatings market has evolved over many decades to give us the high performing products we use today. This has bought with it a need to produce a consistent product, containing multiple different ingredients, weighed to as tight a tolerance as possible. Despite advances in technology, paper based systems are still prevalent, which can make production process slow, inefficient and in some cases inaccurate.

V5 Traceability from SG Systems dovetails superbly with the product evolution process, as the solution has grown from its roots as a premier batch weighing solution to a world class, factory wide, manufacturing erp system designed to process automated workflows from the initial factory simulation to on site deployment.

Factory simulation | software for production | manufacturing erp systems | scheduling production

Furthermore, NaturaSeal required a solution which could control ingredient and product costings, seamlessly integrated to SAGE300, the company’s back-office ERP system, turning the combined system into a manufacturing erp system with software for production tested during an in depth factory simulation.

After the simple yet detailed online demonstration and a look at the financial payback, NaturaSeal had no hesitation in ordering V5 Traceability from SG Systems Global. 

V5 Traceability exchanges data with SAGE300 relating to formulations, scheduling production, locations, operators and purchase orders. In return, SAGE300 receives up to date “real-time”material information, eliminating the need for handwritten records and manual filing systems.

NaturaSeal installed V5 Formula System workstations to run the software for production.  The devices consist of barcode scanners, printers, touch screens and scales (in production) and wireless tablet computers with barcode scanners in the warehouse areas.

President, Leon Goldstein comments “We needed a manufacturing erp system that provided a very high level of production control, while keeping SAGE300 as the master system for our accounting. V5 Traceability allows us to control raw materials, put away and usage with ease. The system was purchased because of its ability to expand into our bulk handling operations. The team at SG Systems Global provided an outstanding working knowledge of plant floor industrial operations (demonstrated during their factory simulation) and as a result, they won the contract.”

V5 WMS (Warehouse Management System)

The SG Systems Global V5 WMS module takes the strain out of trying to join up disparate electronic or paper-based inventory management systems by linking raw material supplier lot numbers (batch numbers) with internally generated lot numbers that can be scanned at production to ensure the right material is being used – it also ensures compliance with your own QA questions, safety warnings, ingredient storage rules (such as allergen control) and any FEFO or FIFO rules.

Factory simulation | software for production | manufacturing erp system | scheduling production

All of this WMS information is integrated bi-directionally to SAGE300, so data are not being handled multiple times, leading to an efficient process and accurate control of costs “as they happen.”

Another positive side effect of this joined up approach is that product consistency is ensured and “out of specification” batches are eliminated, satisfying the rules of GMP like a true manufacturing erp system.

VP of Operations, Danielle Rogers states “Batches weighing is much tighter now that we have V5 Traceability in place. The system ties the production schedule to the batch weighing operations perfectly. It’s easy to use and we see it as a critical piece of our manufacturing plan”

Factory simulation | software for production | manufacturing erp system | scheduling production

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