Slovacek Sausage Elevates Standards with V5 Traceability and GS1-128 Meat Labeling

Slovacek Sausage, renowned for their premium sausage and bacon products supplied to major US retailers, has proudly announced the integration of SG Systems’ V5 Traceability and advanced GS1-128 Meat Labeling in their production processes. This significant upgrade propels Slovacek beyond the standard FDA Traceability requirements, setting a new benchmark in food safety and quality in the meat processing industry.

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A Tradition of Excellence Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

The Legacy of Uncle John Slovacek and Tim Rabroker’s Vision

Slovacek Sausage’s journey into the future is deeply rooted in its past. Founded in 1957 by Uncle John Slovacek, known for making the best sausage in Snook, TX, the company was transformed under the ownership of Tim Rabroker. Rabroker has evolved Slovacek into an efficient manufacturing facility with a ‘zero mistake culture’, prioritizing the tightest ingredient control and meat traceability available. “We’re using it as a tool to show our distributors to the retail market what we can do,” says Rabroker.

GS1-128 Meat Labeling: A Key to Advanced Food Safety and Traceability

Ensuring Safety and Quality from Farm to Fork

The heart of Slovacek’s advancement lies in the implementation of the Labeling system. This system ensures robust traceability from receiving ingredients like pork, beef, and spices, through to the shipping of barcode-labeled finished product inventory. The GS1-128 label, compliant with global standards, includes critical information like GTIN, Lot and Batch Number, SKU, and Weight Data, offering unparalleled transparency in Slovacek’s product journey.Food Safety and Traceability, GS128 Meat Labeling

V5 Traceability System: Revolutionizing Operations

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy in Production

Slovacek’s use of SG Systems’ V5 Traceability includes the integration of V5 Touch Screen Terminals connected to weighing platforms and label printers. These terminals facilitate efficient communication with the production team, virtually eliminating paper-based production and traceability records. The system’s recipe formulation management software allows for precise control over product characteristics, ensuring consistent taste and texture in Slovacek’s sausages.

Impact and Benefits

A Commitment to Quality and Customer Trust

The implementation of SG Systems’ food safety and traceability solution has led Slovacek to become a more streamlined and efficient company, significantly reducing waste and enhancing ingredient savings. “With the waste now eliminated, dollars are saved,” Rabroker notes. The system also provides Slovacek with the capability to trace an ingredient throughout the manufacturing process to the finished product, offering invaluable assurance in the event of an ingredient recall.

Food Safety and Traceability, GS128 Meat Labeling 1

About SG Systems

SG Systems is a company dedicated to innovative solutions that eliminate meat traceability paperwork and offer significant return on investment. “SG is proud to support forward-thinking and innovative teams like Slovacek, turning traceability from a USDA headache into a tool for delivering real business value,” comments SG Systems.

Food Safety and Traceability FAQ’s

  1. What is Slovacek Sausage’s approach to food safety and traceability? Slovacek Sausage emphasizes stringent food safety and traceability, using advanced systems like SG Systems’ V5 Traceability and GS1-128 Meat Labeling.

  2. How does the GS1-128 Meat Labeling system improve Slovacek’s product traceability? The GS1-128 Meat Labeling system provides robust traceability for Slovacek’s products by including essential data like GTIN, Lot and Batch Number, SKU, and Weight Data on labels.

  3. What motivated Slovacek Sausage to upgrade their traceability system? Slovacek aimed to exceed FDA traceability standards and enhance food safety and quality in their meat processing operations.

  4. How does the V5 Traceability System contribute to Slovacek’s manufacturing process? The V5 Traceability System, integrated with V5 Touch Screen Terminals, enhances Slovacek’s manufacturing efficiency and accuracy, eliminating paper-based records.

  5. What are the key features of Slovacek’s V5 Traceability System? Key features include efficient communication with production teams, precise control over product characteristics, and elimination of paper-based traceability records.

  6. What impact has the V5 Traceability System had on Slovacek Sausage’s operations? The food safety and traceability system has streamlined Slovacek’s operations, reducing waste, saving costs, and improving ingredient tracking and product consistency.

  7. How does Slovacek ensure consistent taste and texture in their products? Slovacek uses the V5 Traceability System’s recipe formulation management software for precise control over product characteristics.

  8. What information is included on Slovacek’s GS1-128 meat labels? Information includes Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), Lot and Batch Number, SKU, Weight Data, and other client-required data.

  9. How does the GS1-128 Meat Labeling system align with global standards? The GS1-128 Meat Labeling system is compliant with global standards, ensuring widespread acceptance and recognition.

  10. What benefits has Slovacek observed from implementing advanced traceability systems? Benefits include enhanced food safety, operational efficiency, brand integrity, and compliance with regulatory standards.

  11. Can Slovacek trace an ingredient from receipt to the finished product? Yes, with their advanced traceability systems, Slovacek can trace ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.

  12. How has Slovacek’s approach to traceability affected their relationship with distributors and retailers? Slovacek’s advanced food safety and traceability system have bolstered their reputation with distributors and retailers, showcasing their commitment to quality and safety.

  13. What role do V5 Touch Screen Terminals play in Slovacek’s production? These terminals aid in accurate formulation processes and effective communication with the production team.

  14. How does Slovacek’s traceability system assist in the event of an ingredient recall? The system provides complete visibility of ingredient usage, which is crucial during recalls for quick and effective responses.

  15. What is SG Systems’ role in Slovacek’s traceability enhancement? SG Systems provides the V5 Traceability System, supporting Slovacek in elevating their food safety and traceability standards.

  16. How does the traceability system affect Slovacek’s waste management? The system’s precise tracking and efficiency have significantly reduced waste in Slovacek’s operations.

  17. What challenges did Slovacek face before implementing the V5 Traceability System? Slovacek faced challenges in maintaining consistent product quality and meeting rigorous traceability requirements.

  18. Has the implementation of these systems affected Slovacek’s product range? While the food safety and traceability systems have enhanced safety and quality, Slovacek continues to produce their traditional range of products.

  19. What long-term benefits does Slovacek anticipate from using the V5 Traceability System? Long-term benefits include sustained operational efficiency, continuous compliance with safety standards, and enhanced customer trust.

  20. Are there plans for further technological advancements at Slovacek Sausage? While not specified, Slovacek’s commitment to quality suggests ongoing efforts to adopt relevant technological advancements

For more information about Slovacek Sausage and their advanced traceability systems, visit Slovacek Sausage Website.