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Food Safety Modernization Act Release
February 12, 2015

Food Safety Modernization Act Release

SG Systems feature article “To-Jo improves tracing and packing to provide best quality mushrooms”

Featured on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Website

To-Jo was recently written up in Fresh Cut Magazine highlighting its partnership with SG systems and the “Vantage” Traceability PTI Software it currently uses in its fresh packing operations.

“By using a real time PTI system we can more effectively manage our labor costs and increase our profitability,” noted Wilder. “Knowing where the product came from, when it was picked and where it’s going allows us to expedite a response to any potential issues that may arise. To-Jo prides itself on food safety and is continually looking at ways to improve and enhance its stellar record and SQF Level 3 Excellent Rating.”


FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act Guidelines

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