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Forward Traceability Reporting

Forwards Traceability is a reality with SG Systems Global! Tracing a raw ingredient from receiving, through the batching scales and mixer process, to the finished product stages and linked to a list of customer sales orders is a challenge for every food manufacturer. Not any more!!! SG Systems Global Batch Traceability Solution has it all.

Eliminate Paper-Based Lot Number Traceability

With V5 Traceability, it’s just a click of a button to produce the beautifully formatted Report. Using the Report input control screen (below), an operator can select the commodity code and lot number (either the supplier’s lot code or an internal lot code) and let the system run a comprehensive Forward Traceability report which takes you through all the above stages automatically.

Forwards Traceability Report : SG Systems Global Batch Traceability

No more paper track and trace, no more handwritten batch records, no more pick sheets, no more long-winded audits, no more questions. 

What is Bi-directional Traceability?

‘Forward trace‘ is the ability to trace a raw ingredient or component from its original received supplied lot, through various production phases until it becomes a finished product. The finished product is ultimately inventoried shipped to a customer, and logged against the invoice number. ‘Backward trace‘ is the ability to trace a finished product (usually sent to a customer) through the processes to its source batch, then back again to the source ingredients and the original supplier.

Why is Electronic Tracing Important?

Anybody in the food industry will understand why global batch traceability is essential. Traceability can be a challenge for any QA professional when pencil and paper is the method to obtain the data. Handwriting errors can result in unqualified results. Manually keystroking data into an ERP system can be risky and prone to mistakes. Both methods can generate risk for a business. V5 traceability uses production software screens designed to eliminate the threat by validating lot information using barcode scanners, labels, and touch screen technology – placing the data within the ERP, saving time, mistakes and money. Ultimately electronic traceability makes your business perform better and without the unnecessary risk to the company.

Download PDF Sample Forward Traceability Report

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