Tomato Traceability Software: FreshPoint and SG Systems’ Innovative Collaboration

FreshPoint, North America’s premier fresh produce distributor and a subsidiary of the Fortune 100 company Sysco Corporation, has made a significant move in food safety and efficiency with its latest adoption of tomato traceability software systems. This move aligns with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), addressing contemporary food traceability challenges faced by U.S. food companies, including those specializing in tomatoes.

Tomato Traceability Software Tomato PTI Software

The Need for Advanced Tomato Traceability Software

Recent food traceability scares have highlighted the inadequacy of traditional paper-trail methods, pushing companies towards innovative solutions like tomato PTI software. FreshPoint’s management, spearheaded by President and CEO, recognized the urgent need for an advanced tomato traceability software system to ensure unmatched food safety for their customers.

PTI Tomato Traceability Software System

SG Systems’ Tomato Traceability Software System

In response, FreshPoint partnered with Dallas-based SG Systems LLC, a leader with over 20 years of experience in developing traceability solutions, including tomato traceability software. SG Systems, boasting over 1,000 installations in food companies, brought their expertise to this collaboration, leading to a state-of-the-art tomato PTI software system.

Features of the Tomato Traceability Software System

This comprehensive system includes hardware like Industrial Touch Screens and Barcode Scanners, and software modules integrating seamlessly with ERP systems. It ensures meticulous tracking of tomatoes from arrival to repackaging, aligning with PTI requirements. The software’s real-time data collection from the production floor enhances management oversight and operational efficiency.

Benefits of the Tomato PTI Software in Action

FreshPoint’s implementation of the SG Systems tomato PTI software in six major repack facilities has revolutionized its operations. The tomato traceability system ensures accurate weighing and labeling of tomato boxes, compliance with PTI and GS1 standards, and real-time production monitoring. It significantly reduces the risk of product recalls and enhances operator performance and production yield.

Conclusion and Further Information

This collaboration sets a new standard in tomato traceability software systems, exemplifying how technology can elevate food safety and efficiency. For more details on the PTI and food safety regulations, visit the FDA’s official website at