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October 13, 2013

IBIE Trade Show News

SG Systems would like to say a big thank you to the IBIE Trade Show organizers and attendees for making the 2013 Las Vegas Exposition possible.

IBIE Trade Show

IBIE Trade Show

Several hundred companies from all over the globe attended our 400sq ft IBIE Trade Show Booth (#11430) with many commenting on the Vantage Bakery Formula Control & Lot Tracking Solution as being years ahead of its competition.

The stand featured four Vantage Formula Control Systems with Label Printers & Bar-Code Scanners.  Each demonstration Workstation was connected to a Management Server which recorded over 1500 batches weighed at an average of 99.8% accuracy.  Needless to say, there was no giveaway at the IBIE Trade Show this year!

ERP Integration was the most topical subject.  Many commercial and retail bakeries have already invested thousands of dollars into ERP & Accounting Systems.  That’s why it makes perfect sense for the Vantage System to work in harmony with existing ERP.  Commonly discussed synergies included Production Plans, Formulations (BOMs), Sales Orders and Inventory.

SG Systems’ consultants displayed decades of experience with ERP Systems Integration.  The team were delighted to explain the exciting possibilities and provide case studies for most current Bakery ERP System implementations.  Of a similar interest was our PLC Integration Software commonly used to monitor bulk ingredient and provide 100% bakery ingredient traceability.

Interest in the Product Labeling Solution designed to provide GS128 finished product traceability was also encouraging.

Our apologies to those who were not able to talk to our team in person, at times our exhibition team of 6 was not enough.  We have plans to make the IBIE 2016 Trade Show a Team of 8-10 with a 600sq ft booth – packed full of the very best in lot tracking at bakery formulation control.

IBIE Trade Show – About

The IBIE Trade Show has historically been an excellent and well attended show, this year was no exception.

International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is the destination for over 20,000 professionals in the baking and food processing industries. The IBIE Trade Show is held in three year intervals and is regarded as be the largest trade show in North America where bakers,  and food professionals congregate to view the industry’s latest software, technology, and services.  At almost 500,000 square feet, the trade show packs in almost 1000 exhibitors.

For further details about the IBIE 2016 Trade Show, please visit their website.  We look forward to seeing everybody at IBIE 2016!



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