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October 6, 2000

Ingredient Tracking Software

In the food and baking industries, your recipe and the consistency of that recipe in daily and repeated production directly relate to your bottom line.  As such, ingredient tracking, as well as recipe control, dictates the composition and overall quality of your product.  If your recipe is even slightly off, then so is your product as well as your ingredient costs.  While a bad batch will yield unsatisfied customers and a poor brand association in your marketplace, the continual wasting of ingredients will cost your company money.

Quality assurance professionals realize that both existing and prospective customers rate the quality of your product and your reliability to deliver on orders are the most important parts of your business.  That’s why food and baking industry companies and their quality control professionals have come to rely on the experts at SG Systems for Ingredient Tracking Software.

Through Automated Ingredient Tracking Software, SG Systems Delivers Production Results, Cost Savings, Title III Compliance

At SG Systems, years of quality control experience goes into the customer relationship with every client, from the food and baking industries, to textiles and apparel clients.  Utilizing advanced ingredient tracking softaware and quality control software that monitors ingredients, recipes, and batch information, Matrix Controls’ software will deliver accurate ingredient mixes, and ingredient tracking information per Bioterrorism Act of 2002 Title III compliance.  Title III of this Act stipulates that food processing companies must maintain source information on their ingredients, so particularly in the food and baking industries, ingredient tracking is critical.  From receiving through to processing and shipping, Matrix Controls will provide accurate reporting, allowing your company’s customers to feel secure in your ingredient tracking measures.

For more information on SG Systems or the Ingredient Tracking Software, please visit  As the industry leaders in quality assurance and production control, SG Systems will assess and provide ingredient tracking and food quality assurance controls for your facility.

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