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October 28, 2013

SQC for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Vantage SQC / SPC Systems helps ensure consistent quality of self care products.

Vantage Statistical Quality Control (SQC) Systems supplied by SG Systems are playing a critical role in ensuring product weight and quality control for Universal Products Limited (UPL) at their plant in Preston.

UPL is one of the UK’s leading contract manufacturers, specializing in the pharmaceutical and personal care markets. The company, which is privately owned, has significant expertise and experience in the development, manufacture, filling and packing of a wide range of liquids, creams, ointments and gels. UPL have enjoyed consistent growth for decades due to our focus on product quality, service, superior customer relationships and fair pricing. The company has broad and valued customer portfolio, ranging from large multinationals to smaller firms with niche market products.

Vantage SQC Systems

Personal care products are taken from the line as part of a controlled QA process and placed on the  Vantage SQC high resolution balance. The easy to use touch screen brings up clear prompts to guide the operator through the check weighing process. The PC based Vantage terminals collect data on average and minimum weight, together with comprehensive SQC information, sending reports back to a central PC. This eliminates operator error and provides the necessary traceability audit path via paperless records by removing the need for troublesome paper work systems. It also provides other managers within the company access to quality data directly at the time of production. Any production trends outside management set tolerances are flagged up allowing remedial action to be taken very quickly. Full details pertaining to operator, time and date are recorded with the data and full back-up is assured in the event of power failure.

Pharmaceutical SQC / SPC Filling Head Checkweighing

Pharmaceutical SQC / SPC Filling Head Checkweighing

As UPL’s Associate Director Ian Dehavilland concludes: “We understand that consumers judge our clients’ brands on the quality of what we manufacture, which guides our uncompromising commitment to quality control and quality assurance. It is because we aim to achieve the highest quality that we manufacture personal care products using the same strict standards of control and documentation as we do for our pharmaceuticals. The SG Systems equipment plays an important part in the overall quality assurance process and they have given us excellent support.”

Other members of the Vantage family include recipe formulation, stock control, hi-speed check weighing and standard platform scale modules. The modules are designed to be an essential and versatile part of any product quality and traceability system. They can be used as standalone quality centers or networked

factory wide and integrated with existing management systems such as ERP and MRP. For suitably authorized personnel set up can be done directly at the terminals or remotely via a PC.


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