Automated Lot Trace Solution

Produce Traceability Solution

SG Systems is at the forefront with its innovative V5 Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Software, as exemplified at To-Jo Mushrooms, an award-winning producer and grower.

To-Jo Mushrooms, a family-owned enterprise spanning four generations, is known for cultivating a variety of fresh mushrooms and processing value-added mushroom products. They distribute these fresh products across 28 states using their own fleet and have a national distribution network for their processed items.

Renowned for their dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship, To-Jo Mushrooms was honored at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show. The food industry’s challenge of traceability, especially in the context of recent scares, necessitates an efficient and robust tracking system. Traditional paper-based methods are no longer sufficient for monitoring the journey of products from raw materials to finished and repackaged goods.

Enter SG Systems’ V5 PTI Software, a comprehensive solution featuring 8 V5 Touch Screen Terminals, GTIN Label Printers, and Barcode Readers. This system revolutionizes the labeling process for incoming produce, recording essential information such as Lot Number, Product, Sales Order, Country of Origin, and GTIN details. It ensures complete traceability throughout the product’s lifecycle, from receipt to repackaging.

An XML handshake was developed to integrate the V5 system with To-Jo’s existing ERP/Accounts package, Great Plains. This integration eliminates redundant data handling and streamlines the process.

Mike Wood, To-Jo’s VP of Operations, commended SG Systems’ V5 PTI Software after witnessing its successful application at FreshPoint in Dallas. He emphasized the importance of SG Systems’ expertise in understanding production floor environments and their consultative approach to problem-solving, vital for meeting PTI compliance.

The SG Traceability V5 PTI Software Solution, a blend of hardware and software components, integrates seamlessly with the company’s ERP/Accounts System. This integration enables direct control over the packaging process of fresh mushrooms. Information downloaded from Great Plains feeds into the V5 shop floor workstations, providing details about the grower, country of origin, lot number, received date, product type, grade, and inventory.

Using the V5 touch screen display, line supervisors can select the relevant finished product or customer sales order, which details the quantities ordered. Labeling each box is facilitated either manually or through high-speed automatic systems. Operators also have the capability to generate finished stock to maximize production efficiency.

This first phase of installation offers exceptional case-level traceability. The forthcoming phase will focus on production line portion control, aiming to enhance productivity and consistency in product weight. According to Mike Wood, this V5 PTI Software system is instrumental in keeping To-Jo at the forefront of produce traceability.

Each label produced is unique and fully traceable, displaying critical information such as Lot Number, Country of Origin Code, Customer Name, Expiration, Pack Date, and Customer Details. The SG V5 PTI Software System updates each product labeling against customer orders in real-time, offering immediate production insights.

The reporting feature of the SG V5 PTI Software allows for precise tracing of Lot Numbers to specific customers and times, an essential tool for quick responses in product recalls. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive view of production throughput and yield without imposing additional workload on the staff.

Mike Wood praises the SG V5 PTI Software for its user-friendliness, quick deployment, and popularity among his team. This system ensures the highest standards of food safety and PTI compliance, underscoring To-Jo’s unwavering commitment to leading the industry in produce traceability.

Produce Traceability FAQ’s

  1. What is the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)? PTI is an industry-led effort to enhance traceability throughout the entire produce supply chain.

  2. How does SG Systems’ V5 PTI Software support the Produce Traceability Initiative? The V5 PTI Software provides comprehensive traceability solutions, allowing produce companies to track products from receipt to repackaging, in line with PTI standards.

  3. What are the key features of SG Systems’ V5 PTI Software? The software includes V5 Touch Screen Terminals, GTIN Label Printers, Barcode Readers, and an integrated system for labeling and tracking produce.

  4. How does the V5 PTI Software improve food safety? It ensures accurate tracking of produce, enabling quick responses in case of recalls and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

  5. Can the V5 PTI Software integrate with existing ERP/Accounts systems? Yes, it can integrate seamlessly with systems like Great Plains through an XML handshake, eliminating redundant data handling.

  6. What information can be included on labels generated by the V5 PTI Software? Labels can display Lot Number, Country of Origin Code, Customer Name, Expiration Date, Pack Date, and Customer Details.

  7. How does the V5 PTI Software enhance operational efficiency? By providing real-time updates and reducing manual data entry, it streamlines operations and improves production efficiency.

  8. Is the V5 PTI Software user-friendly for production line staff? Yes, it’s designed for ease of use and has been popular among users for its simplicity and effectiveness.

  9. What kind of reporting capabilities does the V5 PTI Software offer? It offers detailed reports on Lot Numbers, production throughput, yield, and can generate ‘ingredient dispatch’ reports.

  10. How does the V5 PTI Software assist in case of a product recall? It allows for quick tracing of Lot Numbers to specific customers, aiding in efficient and effective recall processes.

  11. Can the V5 PTI Software handle various types of produce and packaging? Yes, it’s versatile enough to handle different types of produce and packaging requirements.

  12. What is the significance of GTIN in the V5 PTI Software? The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is crucial for universal product identification and traceability in the supply chain.

  13. How does the V5 PTI Software contribute to environmental stewardship? By optimizing the supply chain, it reduces waste and supports sustainable practices in produce handling.

  14. Can the V5 PTI Software be customized to specific company needs? Yes, it offers flexibility to be tailored to the specific needs of different produce companies.

  15. How does the V5 PTI Software track the country of origin for produce? It records and tracks the country of origin for each produce item, ensuring compliance with labeling regulations.

  16. What role does the touch screen display play in the V5 PTI Software? It allows operators to select products and view order details, enhancing the ease of labeling and tracking.

  17. How does the V5 PTI Software impact the traceability of fresh mushrooms? In the case of To-Jo Mushrooms, it provides end-to-end traceability, from the grower to the final product packaging.

  18. Can the V5 PTI Software be used in other sectors besides mushrooms? Yes, it’s designed for broad applicability across various sectors within the produce industry.

  19. What are the benefits of using automatic print and apply systems in the V5 PTI Software? These systems increase labeling speed and accuracy, further enhancing traceability and efficiency.

  20. How does the V5 PTI Software align with the goals of the PTI? It aligns by providing a robust traceability system that meets the PTI’s objective of enhancing traceability across the produce supply chain.