Produce Traceability System

Located in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, the Mushroom Capital of the World. Buona Foods, Inc. is established on strong family principles.

Like other produce companies (growers, re-packers, and distributors), Buona Foods needed to address the requirements associated with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).  At the same time, they required a system that  communicates with their QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE) Accounting Software.

Produce Traceability System

Being a leader in their industry, Buona Foods made the decision to invest in SG Systems’ V5 Traceability System.  The system utilizes a plug-in that allows data to be exchanged between the QuickBooks and V5. The Produce Traceability System interface allows for a more efficient process by allowing data from receiving, through production and all the way to shipping to be collected automatically. This automated process reduces errors that are commonly associated with manual data collection.

Produce Traceability System

Produce Traceability System

The Produce Traceability System consists of touch screen terminals, label printers and Tablet PCs with integrated scanners. This combination allows incoming pallets to be weighed and labeled with information relating to the Lot Number, Product, Supplier, and Weight.  This information is printed onto a label that includes a QR Code.  When the received mushrooms arrive into the packaging area, they are packed into various types of finished products SKU’s.   As the products are shipped, traceability is linked back to the packaging process and back to the inbound lot number.


Using a  touchscreen terminal that is connected to a floor scale, mushrooms are weighed and information about the delivery is recorded.  Purchase Orders created within QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE) can be received against. For tare weight purposes, information regarding the type of pallet (including the respective weight) and the quantity and type of container is also captured.   Information about the supplier, mushroom type, expiration date, weight and storage location is captured electronically.  Once the receiving process is complete, the details are returned to QBE and a pallet label is generated to identify the pallet.  At this point, the inventory count is updated.


Utilizing terminals on the production lines, along with high speed/high volume label printers, Buona Foods can easily identify the lot number of the received mushroom and then select the ‘output’ product which is being packed on the lines.  For example, if ‘Whole White Mushrooms’ is the inbound product, the terminals will display all possible combinations for the outbound product, such as 5# sliced, 10# Bulk, etc.

The easy-to-use system allows for the operator to make the correct finished product selection.  As each box is labeled, inventory is adjusted accordingly.  Each case is now PTI complaint with a case end label.  In order to control the target weights and reduce unnecessary product giveaway, the terminals can be connected to weighing scales.  All labels are GS1-128 compliant with the GS1-128 standard barcode. The barcode labels contain tracking information such as lot number and GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number).


QuickBooks automatically transfers the orders to the two Tablet PCs (with integrated scanners) that are connected to the wireless network.   The tablet PCs enable rapid picking, packing and shipping.  Once the order is complete, the details are returned to QuickBooks for invoicing purposes and delivery notes are automatically printed.  The entire delivery is traceable to its original lot number that was received at the dock.

President & CEO Gale Ferranto comments “Being able to utilize SG System’  Produce Traceability System and the QBE plug-in is a game changer for us”

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