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July 18, 2016

PTI Labeling Compliance @ Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm

SG Systems is delighted to announce their most recent PTI Labeling Compliance Solution implementation.  This time with Texas mushroom supplier Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms (KPMF).

For 25 years KPMF has been consistently producing fresh, premium quality mushrooms in their state of the art growing facility in Gonzales, Texas, which has a rich and honored place in Texas history.

Mushrooms grown at Kitchen Pride Farms in Gonzales, Texas get their bountiful flavor and high nutritional value because of the pride and dedication of the Kitchen Pride Growers.

KPMF is the only family-owned, full-service, Texas-based Mushroom Farm in Texas. Firmly established nationally as one of the premier mushroom farms, KPMF is one of the most modern mushroom growing facilities in the United States.

PTI Labeling Compliance

Kitchen Pride had been investigating PTI Labeling solutions for several years to prepare for a request from its customers and following the letter from Wal-Mart to all its produce suppliers, Kitchen Pride was ready to choose SG Systems as its PTI Labeling solutions partner.

Greg McLain from KPMF comments ‘KPMF is a leading supplier of mushrooms to the Texas market.  We decided to invest in SG Systems before the end of the year to give us time to adapt to the new processes required for the PTI Labeling process.  SG Systems advised us on the whole process of becoming PTI compliant and made it simple.  We use them as the ‘go to’ crew for anything related to the PTI.  We went live in September and have been meeting the needs of Wal-Mart’s supply chain initiative ahead of the published timescale of November 1st.  SG’s experience in the mushroom industry was obvious to us so signing the order with them was the right thing to do’.

The system contains 3 x V5 PTI Labeling Touch Screen Terminals, connected to high volume label printers (2 x Retail Lines, 1 x Bulk Line).  The bulk line (product sold in 10lb boxes) has a scale connected to the software which prevents out of weight specification boxes being labeled.  This check weighing provides a reduction in unnecessary product giveaway and ensures a minimum weight is achieved to meet the Wal-Mart bulk case weight specification.

Jim Butler from KPMF comments ‘SG Systems pulled together the project which involved taking our company prefix and list of SKU’s and creating out 14 digit GTIN’s (Global Trade Identification Numbers).  Basically, we gave them a spreadsheet and they did the rest for us.  This involved setting up all our products in the system, line operators, target weights and PTI Compliant labels which meet the Wal-Mart specification.  It was surprisingly painless!’

SG Systems PTI Labeling label design follows the Wal-Mart published guidelines.  The 4×2” label design features a GS128 barcode with respective quiet zones, human readable GTIN & Lot Number, commodity name, pack size, COO (Country of Origin), Pack Date in MmmDd format, Voice Pick Code (a scrambled version of the pack date and lot number), Supplier Code and Description.

Brent White from KPMF comments ‘SG Systems has a commitment to their customer base for supporting anything PTI related.  We wanted to make sure that the investment we made would be able to meet our other customer needs as they move to the PTI too.  Our Support Plan with SG Systems ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and benefit from their avid research policy.  Our next phase will be to produce hybrid pallet labels at the shipping point and implement wireless order processing.  SG Systems has this system implemented at many other mushroom growers / packers and shippers so we have no doubt that it will be a relatively simple addition to expand our current program.’

For more information on Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms, please visit their website.

Wal-mart specification PTI Label


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