QuickBooks WMS Plugin & V5 Traceability

n SG Systems achieved a successful setup of the V5 Traceability system, alongside the QuickBooks WMS Plugin, at Hellas Bakery in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This notable accomplishment showcases their expertise in enhancing business operations with advanced technology solutions.

V5 Traceability with QuickBooks WMS Plugin

Managing inventory, batch production and shipping was a key need for Hellas Bakery. Consequently, buying a system that could handle these aspects became vital. Furthermore, the ability to setup these processes was vital for maintaining their high standards of operation. Therefore, the setup of a system to manage these key items marked a significant step in their efficiency. 

QuickBooks WMS Plugin Scaling Interface

The QuickBooks WMS Plugin, used with QuickBooks Enterprise, manages Purchase and Sales Orders. Furthermore, V5 Traceability enables the receiving, labeling, picking, packing, and shipping of Purchase and Sales Orders. For example, Hellas uses the V5 Traceability to manage all aspects of production  and finished goods creation.

Hellas Bakery used many devices to support production and warehouse inventory.  For example, the devices consist of barcode scanners, printers, touch screens and scales (in production) and tablet computers in the warehouse areas.

Owner, Nick Karterouliotis comments “Initially, when we began our search for a traceability system, we were specifically looking for a software package that seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise. However, upon meeting SG Systems, our perspective shifted; we realized the ideal solution required both hardware and software. This is because all the traceability events we needed to capture were happening on the shop floor. Consequently, SG Systems provided a QuickBooks WMS Plugin. Indeed, V5 Traceability delivers precisely what we were seeking.”

V5 WMS (Warehouse Management System)

The QuickBooks WMS Plugin controls financial data, while the V5 WMS module manages all inventory levels. This includes allergen control, put away rules, labeling and pallet management. 

QuickBooks WMS Plugin Inventory Operator Screen

Furthermore, on the ship side it ensures a correct pick, pack and ship process with necessary ship documentation to provide traceability. 

Administrative Assistant, Laurie Camp states, ‘With V5 Traceability installed, we have digital control and traceability throughout the baking process. Consequently, this allows us to see what, where, when, and how ingredients are used. Moreover, this visibility is a key requirement for GFSI and our GMP program. Additionally, with the QuickBooks WMS Plugin, customer audits have become significantly easier”

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QuickBooks WMS Plugin FAQ’s

Managing Inventory

  • How does the QuickBooks WMS Plugin help with inventory?
    • The plugin makes managing inventory easy by keeping track of all ingredients.
  • What can it do?
    • It handles orders and keeps an eye on production and shipping.

Making Things Traceable and Fitting Together

  • How does it make tracking better?
    • It makes sure every ingredient is counted and tracked for safety.
  • Does it work well with QuickBooks Enterprise?
    • Yes, it works together with QuickBooks Enterprise for better tracking on the floor.

Extra Features and Working Together

  • What extra things does it offer?
    • It has special features for managing allergens and organizing ingredients.
  • How does it help in the warehouse?
    • It uses tools like barcode scanners to manage warehouse inventory.
  • How do you add things to QuickBooks?
    • You add items by labeling them and keeping track of them from start to finish.
  • Can it track things in real-time?
    • Yes, it can manage inventory levels as they change.
  • What options are there for manufacturing?
    • It offers complete solutions that include both hardware and software.
  • How complete is the system?
    • It manages everything from receiving items to shipping them out.
  • Can you easily use barcode scanners with it?
    • Yes, barcode scanners work well with the system to make tasks easier.
  • What does the integration do?
    • It helps manage money matters in the QuickBooks WMS Plugin and keeps track of physical inventory.
  • Are barcode scanners easy to get?
    • Yes, the system includes scanners to help with inventory and production.