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January 27, 2015

Recipe Control System at Ashcraft European Bakery

When Ashcraft Bakery and European Bakery merged in 1996, it brought 75 years of combined experience together into what has become the premier commercial bakery for the greater Houston area.

Ashcraft provides a wide variety of top quality breads and delicious pastries to the foodservice industry, supplying both big names (Sysco Foods, Pappas Bros) plus a large variety of loyal, local houston based foodservice restaurants.

Dallas based SG Systems were selected for the Ashcraft European Bakery implementation. Their solution provides traceability in line with most auditing and traceability standards, such as SQF, AIB and BRC, plus regulatory compliance with FSMA & FDA

The Solution – Overview

Formula Control Scale System

Formula Control Scale System

The SG Systems Recipe Control System is a unique combination of modular software and hardware designed to bridge the gap between management level and the shop floor operations (Receiving, Ingredient Weighing, Finished Product Management and Sales Order Fulfillment).

The networked solution communicates in real time to ensure accurate traceability information is available on demand, without unnecessary delays.

Recipe Control System

1 x SG15 Touch Screen Recipe Control System Scale is installed in the Mixing Area. The majority of hand weighing for the plant takes place in this location. The terminal has an Operator Touch Screen which requires a secure login before displaying the formulas required for the production line. All ingredients which can be weighed in advance of mixer production are weighed in this location.

All formulas in the system are approved by the company QC Manager. The operators in the weighing area can select formulas which they are running in the bakery. As the operator selects the formula, the system prompts for each of the ingredients which are weighed out within management set tolerances (+/- 0.01lbs from target).

Each ingredient requires a lot number to be selected from the ingredient bin (managed FEFO). The system allows the use of multiple containers. The system guarantees a much higher percentage of on target batches and a reduction in the waste caused by a conventional scale system.

Batch Traceability

All of the aforementioned processes communicate with a central server which validates and stores traceability information relating to production, inventory, operators, locations and formulations. The server has a reporting tool to allow supplier lot number led recalls to be tracked through to the batch. Ashcraft European Bakery internal system then allows the batch to be traced through to the finished product.

The various processes required during the baking process make traceability a challenge for any baking company. The implementation of the SG System product has allowed Ashcraft European Bakery to capture traceability information at the point of receiving and processing (instead of using the traditional paper trail), without really altering many of our bakery processes. The real time data allows audits to be completed in a matter of minutes, instead of hours, which installs confidence in our customer base. SG Systems has provided us with on-site and remote support when we needed it and training at multiple levels.”

The solution provides the backbone for production traceability and is available in modules to suit most company’s needs and budgets. For more information on SG Systems products and services, please contact their Dallas Corporate Office +1 (214) 819-9570 or at

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