Recipe Traceability and Weigh Up Control - Achieve full Traceability!

Eliminate Out Of Spec Batches

Recipe Traceability and Weigh Up Control full traceability

Recipe Traceability System

SG Systems V5 Recipe Traceability System is the perfect way to ensure ingredients weigh up control, without costly giveaway or out of specification batches. Brochure

The system ensures each weighed ingredient has enforced +/- unique tolerances, preventing recipe completion until all ingredients are weighed using the green speedometer style target zone.

The systems scans and validates lot numbers, providing real time inventory usage and eliminating costly traceability paperwork.  For ERP Integration, see ERP Page

Hundreds of configuration options exist in the standard system, enabling each workstation to be setup to handle many applications including batch, campaign and combination weighing.

The system provides effortless compliance with auditors including BRC, FDA, GFSISALSAAIB and provides compliance with regulations including FSMA

Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale

User Friendly Batching Screens

The V5 full traceability system allows management to schedule production jobs (or import from ERP) to 1 or more area specific batch terminals.

Each ingredient weigh up control has unique conditions (weighed, key entry, counted, bulk control ect) and jobs can be weighed in horizontal (campaign) or vertical (batch) modes, in sequential or none sequential modes.

The flexible Recipe Traceability System allows strict batch compliance, or the option to batch edit the formula or schedule on the fly.

Formula Control Scale - Mixer Collation
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale

Mixer Collation (Double Validation)

For customers wishing to scan pre-weighed / staged ingredients into a mixer or holding vessel, SG Systems offers a ‘Mixer Collation’ option.

Mixer Collation validates ingredient addition by forcing operators to scan each serialized ingredient label (pre-weighed or whole bag addition) before adding to the mixer.

Serialized Ingredient Labels are created at the point of weighing ingredients or at the time whole bags are moved from general inventory location into the staging areas.

Ingredient / Batch Labels

Many label printing options exist to identify Ingredient / Batch printing applications.  (Click here for finished product label printing).

Standard Label Fields

Job & Batch Number, Recipe Code, Recipe Description, Operator Code & Name, Produced Date & Time, Batch Expiration, Mix Size, Batch Size, Bag Number, Weigh, Container Count.

Labeling Events (events which generate labels)

Ingredient weigh, lot change, batch end, container change, separate ingredients, non-weighed items, suspended / aborted batch.

Recipe Traceability and Weigh Up Control FAQ’s

  1. What is Recipe Traceability in V5 Traceability System? Full Traceability in the V5 system allows you to track each ingredient’s origin, processing, and usage in recipes, ensuring full transparency and quality control.

  2. How does Weigh Up Control work within the V5 Traceability platform? Weigh Up Control ensures accurate ingredient measurements for recipes, minimizing waste and ensuring consistency in flavor and quality.
  3. Can I track ingredient sources using Recipe Traceability? Yes, you can track the source of every ingredient, including supplier details, batch numbers, and delivery dates, for full traceability.
  4. Is it possible to monitor portion sizes with Weigh Up Control? Absolutely, Weigh Up Control allows for precise portioning, ensuring each serving meets specified standards for size and quality.
  5. How does Recipe Traceability enhance food safety in my business? It enhances food safety by providing detailed information on ingredient origins, handling, and allergens, enabling quick responses to food safety concerns.
  6. What kind of reporting features are available for Weigh Up Control? It offers detailed reports on ingredient usage, cost analysis, and variance in portions, aiding in effective inventory and cost management.
  7. Can Recipe Traceability help with allergen management? Yes, it tracks allergens in each ingredient, helping to prevent cross-contamination and ensure customer safety.
  8. How does Weigh Up Control integrate with existing inventory systems? It seamlessly integrates with most inventory systems, updating stock levels in real-time as ingredients are weighed and used.
  9. What are the benefits of using Recipe Traceability for cost control? It helps in managing costs by providing insights into ingredient usage, waste reduction, and efficient procurement practices.
  10. Does Weigh Up Control support real-time adjustments in recipe preparation? Yes, it allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring accuracy even with last-minute recipe changes.
  11. How can Recipe Traceability assist in maintaining consistent food quality? By ensuring consistent ingredient quality and accurate recipe execution, it maintains high standards of food quality.
  12. Is Weigh Up Control suitable for businesses of all sizes? Absolutely, it’s scalable and can be adapted to suit businesses of any size, from small cafes to large-scale catering operations.
  13. What training is required to implement Recipe Traceability in my kitchen? Basic training is provided for staff to familiarize them with the system’s interface and functionalities for effective implementation.
  14. Can I customize Weigh Up Control settings for specific recipes? Yes, settings can be customized for individual recipes, accommodating specific weighing and portioning requirements.
  15. How does Recipe Traceability comply with food industry regulations? It complies with food industry regulations by maintaining detailed records of ingredient sourcing, handling, and usage.
  16. What kind of technical support is available for Weigh Up Control? Comprehensive technical support is provided, including troubleshooting, software updates, and user assistance.
  17. Can Recipe Traceability be used for menu planning and development? Yes, it provides valuable data that can assist in menu planning, taking into account ingredient availability and cost-efficiency.
  18. How does Weigh Up Control handle recipe scaling for different serving sizes? It allows for precise scaling of ingredients to accommodate different serving sizes, maintaining consistency across batches.
  19. What data security measures are in place for Recipe Traceability? Robust data security measures are implemented, including encrypted data storage and restricted user access.
  20. How often are updates provided for the Weigh Up Control feature? Regular updates are provided to enhance functionality, user experience, and compliance with evolving industry standards.

With V5 Traceability installed, batches are achieved with great accuracy!

Les Howell, Illes Seasonings & Flavors

We no longer need to keystroke the handwritten batch logs into Quickbooks. We’ve seen the benefits!

Eldad Jungreis, Sunflower Kitchen

As a provider of safe family products, it is vital to have a trusted traceability partner. SG Systems is our trusted partner.

Cydney Mathis, Slovacek Sausage

V5 Traceability has played a big role in managing our product quality which has definitely helped our growth

Mike Prasek, Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse

V5 Traceability is truly a great system to gain full insight of your business and make decisions in a timely manner.

Anthony Pariti, Always Bagels