SG Systems Global Batch Traceability

SG Systems Global Batch Traceability installation at Saljamex. This case study is about the successful implementation of the V5 Food Traceability System at their state of the art plant.  This time at the award-winning Walmart Supplier, Saljamex! A complex manufacturing company requiring a comprehensive traceability system for food manufacturing companies. This time with weighing scale integration with SAP!

For over 30 years, Saljamex has been a leader in Processed Meats, Hot Dogs, Hams, Luncheon Meats, Chorizo, Sliced Ham, Deli Meats & Marinated Products.  Saljamex’s products are lovingly packaged under their international brands – ‘D’Héctor’, ‘Casa López’, ‘Great For Chef’ and ‘Alys’.

V5 Food Traceability System with SAP Integration

With such a large facility that manufactures hundreds of inventory items and SKU’s, there is a lot of room for error.   This is especially true if the traditional pen and paper route is used to bridge the gap between management and the production floor.  Saljamex needed a Food Traceability System which would allow a tight weighing scale integration with SAP, the company’s ERP system and the selected solution for controlling plant floor ingredient management.

SG Systems Global Batch Traceability | Food Traceability System | traceability system in food industry | weighing scale integration with SAP

For these reasons, Saljamex decided to implement V5 Traceability from SG Systems Global.  V5 shares data with SAP (using the SG Systems global Batch Traceability API relating to formulations, production schedules, inventory, allergens, locations, operators and purchase orders.  SAP receives up to date information, eliminating the need for hand written records and manual filing systems). Traceability system for food manufacturing plants require a combination of hardware and software to be effective. Weighing scale integration with SAP has always been a problem for manufacturing companies which SG Systems Global has now solved with the use of API’s. SG Systems Global Batch Traceability offers multiple integrations with SAP (Cloud or on premises versions). 

SG Systems Global Batch traceability system for food manufacturing | weighing scale integration with sap

Saljamex Food Traceability System comprised of 13 V5 Formula System workstations.  The SG Systems Global Batch Traceability devices consist of barcode scanners, printers, touch screens and scales (in production) and wireless tablet computers with barcode scanners in the warehouse areas.

CEO, Jacobo Lopez Aldrete comments “To comply with GFSI and handle stringent SQF requirements, we needed a Food Traceability System that used data captured from the production floor directly.  V5 Traceability from SG Systems was a proven production traceability system in the food industry, linked with SAP and also worked with our Spanish speaking workforce.  They have a unique solution which is easy to use and they are willing and able to modify their product to meet our needs.  We like SG Systems and the weighing scale integration with SAP!”

V5 WMS (Warehouse Management System)

SAP is able has accurate, up-to-the minute financial data due to the inventory controls enabled by the SG Systems V5 WMS module.  This includes allergen control, ingredient put-away rules, labeling and pallet management for orders downloaded from SAP.  This process ensures inventory can be scanned at the weighing stations to validate that the ingredients are the correct ones for the formula.  The Food Traceability System prevents ‘out of specification’ batches and products which have deviated from the master formulation an improves ERP Performance .

Planning Manager, Eduardo Javier Valle Sánchez states “SG Systems Global Batch Traceability System makes production planning and scheduling less paper based and complicated. Batches are made with improved accuracy and to the specification set in SAP. The software is simple to use and operator friendly. The best traceability system for food manufacturing by far.”

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Case Study FAQ’s

  1. What is SG Systems Global Batch Traceability? It’s a comprehensive traceability system for food manufacturing companies, integrating technology and software for efficient tracking and management.

  2. Who has implemented SG Systems’ Traceability System? Saljamex, an award-winning Walmart Supplier specializing in processed meats and other products, successfully implemented this system.

  3. What products does Saljamex manufacture? They produce processed meats, hot dogs, hams, luncheon meats, chorizo, sliced ham, deli meats, and marinated products.

  4. Why did Saljamex choose SG Systems’ Traceability System? To manage their large inventory effectively and integrate tightly with SAP for better control over plant floor ingredient management.

  5. How does the V5 Food Traceability System work with SAP? It shares data with SAP on formulations, production schedules, inventory, allergens, locations, operators, and purchase orders, enhancing information accuracy and reducing manual work.

  6. What hardware is included in the Saljamex Food Traceability System? The system includes barcode scanners, printers, touch screens, scales, and wireless tablet computers with barcode scanners.

  7. How does the system benefit the financial data accuracy? By integrating with SAP, it enables accurate, up-to-the-minute financial data through enhanced inventory controls.

  8. What are the key features of the SG Systems V5 WMS module? It includes allergen control, ingredient put-away rules, labeling, and pallet management.

  9. How does the system improve production accuracy? By ensuring that ingredients are correctly scanned at weighing stations, it prevents ‘out of specification’ batches and improves product consistency.

  10. What languages does the SG Systems Traceability System support? It supports multiple languages, including Spanish, catering to diverse workforces.

  11. Can the SG Systems product be customized to specific needs? Yes, it’s designed to be flexible and can be modified to meet unique requirements.

  12. How does the system enhance production planning and scheduling? It simplifies these processes, making them less paper-based and more accurate.

  13. What are the benefits of integrating the traceability system with SAP? It streamlines data management, reduces manual errors, and enhances overall production efficiency.

  14. How does SG Systems ensure quality control in manufacturing? By providing real-time data tracking and ensuring compliance with set formulations and specifications.

  15. Is the system user-friendly for operators? Yes, it’s designed to be simple and intuitive for operators.

  16. What industries can benefit from SG Systems’ Traceability System? Primarily the food manufacturing industry, especially those with complex inventory and production processes.

  17. How does the system support regulatory compliance? It helps comply with standards like GFSI and SQF by providing accurate and direct data capture from the production floor.

  18. What are the key outcomes of implementing SG Systems’ Traceability? Enhanced accuracy, improved regulatory compliance, and streamlined production processes.

  19. Can SG Systems’ Traceability System integrate with different ERP systems? Yes, it offers multiple integrations, including cloud and on-premises versions of SAP.

  20. How does SG Systems support continuous improvement in manufacturing? By providing a system that is adaptable, efficient, and capable of evolving with changing business needs