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Join SG Systems Global at Natural Products Expo West 2025!

Unveiling the Future of Life Sciences Traceability! Join us at Natural Products Expo West 2025, hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, CA USA from March 6 to 8, 2025. Discover our groundbreaking solutions at Booth 3063.

Spotlight on Electronic Batch Records

SG Systems Global is thrilled to showcase the V5 Traceability suite, with a special emphasis on Electronic Batch Records (EBRs), revolutionizing pharmaceutical manufacturing across all company sizes.

Natural Products Expo West 2025 Software Solutions:

  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR): Transform your batch record management with our advanced electronic solution, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and accuracy throughout the production process.
  • Warehouse Management: Elevate inventory control and logistics with unparalleled precision.
  • Formula Control (MES): Achieve manufacturing precision and compliance effortlessly.
  • Bulk Ingredient / PLC Control: Attain mastery over bulk ingredient management and automation.
  • Statistical Process Control: Leverage real-time data for enhanced quality control.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): Streamline lab operations with advanced sample management and analysis.
  • Product Labeling & Pallet Building: Ensure seamless adherence to labeling and palletization requirements.
  • Management Control Center: Gain unparalleled visibility and control over operations.
  • ERP Integration (API Options): Seamlessly integrate with leading ERP systems for operational harmony.

Explore Cutting-Edge Life Sciences Software

Visit the SG Systems Global booth at Natural Products Expo West 2025 to experience the latest advancements in software technology tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. Engage with our experts, witness live demos, and understand how our solutions, especially Electronic Batch Records, can revolutionize your pharmaceutical operations.

Book Your Exclusive Viewing Appointment

For an exclusive Natural Products Expo West 2025 experience, book an exclusive viewing appointment with SG Systems Global. Reach out to us and mention ‘Natural Products Expo West 2025 Software’ to secure your visit at Booth 3063.

Seamless Software Ecosystem Integration

SG Systems excels in integrating the V5 Traceability Solution, including Electronic Batch Records, with various Host ERP and Accounting Systems. Whether you operate QuickBooks, SAGE, Oracle, NetSuite, Dynamics, SAP, or other systems, our solutions bridge the gap for precise data exchange and optimized productivity.

Global Reach, Local Support

With customers worldwide, SG Systems Global ensures support in all recorded languages. Our 24/7/365 support guarantees that expert assistance is always within reach. For your Natural Products Expo West 2025 Software needs, trust SG Systems Global as your partner.

Visit Us at Natural Products Expo West 2025 Booth 3063

Visit us at Natural Products Expo West 2025 Booth 3063, and let’s embark together on the journey towards enhanced life sciences traceability, starting with Electronic Batch Records. Your path to operational excellence begins here.