Traceability Software Solution at Illes Foods

This is  a Case Study about Illes Foods and their use of Aptean Ross Traceability and it’s integration with V5 Traceability.

SG Systems Global produced the the market leading and most proven traceability software solution in the food industry – relied on by food manufacturing companies across the world. Implementing traceability software for manufacturing shouldn’t be a daunting task! To explain the process, SG Systems has produced a case study form Illes Foods in Dallas. Read on….

Established in 1927 in Dallas TX, Family owned Illes Seasonings & Flavors (Illes Foods) is a manufacturer of liquid and dry food ingredients. Their products provide features like flavor, texture, aroma, and appearance to meat, food, and beverage products. These ingredients are sold to food manufacturers and beverage distributors to be used in their products or mixed with their food or beverage formulations.

In order to achieve the tightest possible control over their production formulation and traceability processes, Illes has recently upgraded their traceability software solution to the very latest Enterprise V5 Formula System, developed by SG Systems and the leading traceability system in the food industry.

Aptean Ross Traceability – Integrated Batch Production

The system provides an interface with their existing Ross (Aptean) ERP system to capture ingredient traceability information from batching events which take place on the production floor.  Bills of Materials, Production Schedules and Inventory are exchanges between the two systems.

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The V5 traceability software solutions connect to their existing scales (3 scales of differing manufacturers and capacities to each V5 Terminal) to control the weighing process and regulate the exact amounts of ingredients used within the blends, ensuring target weights are achieved and inventory is downgraded in real time.

7 V5 traceability software solutions have been installed, replacing their entire previously installed RFS batch system. After each ingredient is weighed, labels are generated through mobile wireless network label printers to identify the ingredient lot number, name and the job which the ingredients relate to. This information is then captured at the mixer using mobile tables pc’s with integrated scanners to provide a ‘zero mistake culture’, enabling batch validation for the hand added & bagged ingredients.

Director of Materials Handling, Joel Dennie comments “With the V5 Formula System in place overtime hours are down considerably.  Before we implemented the V5, operators were weighing 50 batches per day – now we have V5 they’re producing up to 125 batches per day.  That’s a significant increase in production output and unheard of for a traceability system in the food industry ”

A single V5 traceability software solution is also installed into their offsite liquid ingredients blending facility and the database is linked to their main facility through VPN to provide a central point of data storage and retrieval.

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traceability software solutions | traceability software for manufacturing | traceability system in the food industry


  1. What is Aptean Ross Traceability and how does it integrate with V5 Traceability? Aptean Ross Traceability is a component of the Ross ERP system, designed for traceability in manufacturing processes. It integrates with V5 Traceability by providing an interface for capturing and exchanging data related to ingredient traceability, production schedules, and inventory management.
  2. How does Aptean Ross Traceability improve ingredient tracking in manufacturing? It enhances ingredient tracking by interfacing with production tools to capture real-time data, ensuring accurate tracking of ingredient usage and movements within the manufacturing process.
  3. What are the benefits of integrating V5 Traceability with Aptean Ross ERP system? Integration offers improved efficiency, increased production output, real-time data exchange for accurate inventory management, and enhanced traceability for quality assurance in food manufacturing.
  4. How does Aptean Ross Traceability enhance production efficiency in food manufacturing? By automating data capture and ingredient tracking, it minimizes manual errors, speeds up the batching process, and enhances overall production efficiency.
  5. What type of data exchange occurs between V5 Traceability and Aptean Ross ERP? Data exchange includes sharing of Bills of Materials, production schedules, and real-time inventory information, facilitating seamless operation between the two systems.
  6. How does Aptean Ross Traceability contribute to real-time inventory management? It allows for the real-time downgrading of inventory as ingredients are used, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records.
  7. What makes Aptean Ross Traceability a suitable choice for food and beverage manufacturers? Its ability to handle diverse ingredients, comply with food safety standards, and integrate seamlessly with traceability systems makes it ideal for the food and beverage industry.
  8. How does the integration of Aptean Ross Traceability and V5 Traceability support batch processing? The integration supports efficient batch processing by ensuring accurate ingredient measurements, timely data exchange, and maintaining consistency across batches.
  9. What impact does Aptean Ross Traceability have on production output and efficiency? The system significantly increases production output by streamlining processes, reducing manual labor, and enabling more batches to be produced per day.
  10. How does Aptean Ross Traceability ensure accuracy in ingredient blending and weighing? It interfaces with manufacturing scales to control the weighing process, ensuring precise amounts of ingredients are used, thus maintaining consistency and quality in production.

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