V5 Traceability User Assistance


The Allergens section in Control Center can be set up and used to present operators with on-screen warnings when handling ingredients that belong to Allergen groups. When Allergens are handled within the manufacturing process, the system will, by default, present warning screens and print the Allergen Group on the stage label.

The screen is split into two halves; the upper half list the different type of allergen (i.e. dairy, egg, gluten etc.) while the lower half lists the commodities that the allergen applies to. The list of commodities will only be displayed once a particular allergen has been selected.

**Technical Update / Application Notes**

Button Help

Adds an Allergen to the list (upper panel) and adds a Commodity to the list (lower panel).

Deletes an Allergen from the list (upper panel) and removes a Commodity from the list (lower panel).

Exports a CSV file with the table view contents (opens in Excel). Applies to the Allergen list (upper) & the Commodities list (lower).

Search Assist

Type into the box and the system will search automatically based on the menu selection to the right (click and use the pull down to select which column to search). Delete the text to remove the search.

Column Help – Upper Panel

Allergen – This column displays the Allergen, it can be edited by double clicking on the cell.

Icon – This column displays the Allergen logo, it can be edited by clicking on the cell and browsing the PC for an icon.

Column Help – Lower Panel


This column displays the Commodity Code that is assigned to the selected Allergen on the top panel, it can be edited by double clicking on the cell and selecting a Commodity from the drop down menu.


This column displays the Commodity Description; this is usually populated automatically when the Commodity has been selected.

Keyboard Controls

Moves cell down.

Moves cell right.

Hold down to select multiple rows.

Cancels transaction.

Edit Cell