Manufacturing Hazard Control - Control Center Guide

V5 On-Line Help Section


The Hazards section of the V5 system allows customers to create hazards that reflect the risks associated with handling a particular product or commodity.

These Hazards can then be set up to warn operators of the dangers of a particular task. This allows adequate precautions to be taken to keep all members of the workforce safe.

Control Center Overview

The Hazards section can be found under the ‘Quality’ header of Control Center.

Top (yellow) panel: This is where Hazards can be added to the system and defined.

Bottom (red) panel: This is where commodities can be assigned to the hazard selected in the top panel.

Each panel has its own controls for adding and removing lines (the green ‘+’ and red ‘x’) as well as the ability to export the relevant panel’s data as a .csv file which opens automatically in your .csv editor of choice. A copy is also saved to the gateway export folder.

Column Help – Top Panel


Freetext box to enter a description of the Hazard in question. This must be unique.

Warning Text

Freetext box to enter the message that will be displayed to the Terminal operator when the Hazard is triggered.


Clicking here opens an import dialogue to allow the use of custom icons within the system. This is the icon that will be displayed to the operator in Terminal.

Column Help – Bottom Panel


Commodity code of the commodity that will trigger the selected Hazard to be displayed. This can be searched for manually (by commodity code) or selected from a drop-down list.


A description of the commodity. This box can also be used to search for the desired commodity (by description). Otherwise, this will be populated from the commodity code if that is selected first.