Manage Inventory


This screen displayed a simplified summary of the current stock situation within the system. When selecting a commodity in the top half of the screen this will populate the bottom half of the screen with the associated lot details. With the bottom screen you can add, amend and delete lot details to maintain the stock system.


For a more thorough and detailed stock management system please review our WMS page here.

Button Help

Adds a Terminal to the list (upper panel) and adds a Terminal Location to the list (lower panel).

Deletes a Terminal from the list (upper panel) and removes a Terminal Location to the list (lower panel).

Exports a CSV file with the table view contents (opens in Excel).  Applies to the terminal list (upper) & the terminal locations (lower).

Search Assist

Type into the box and the system will search automatically based on the menu selection to the right (click and use the pull down to select which column to search). Delete the text to remove the search.

Column Help – Upper Panel

Commodity Code

This displays the Commodity Code, you cannot edit this field because it is looked up from the Commodities table.


This displays the Commodity Description, this is pulled in by the Commodity Code and cannot be edited.


This displays the Commodity Type (Formula, Ingredient etc). This field cannot be edited as it is defined in the Commodities table.


This displays what Unit the Commodity is received. This field cannot be edited as it is pulled in from the Commodities table.

In Stock

The total amount of stock available that has not expired.

Total Value

The total value of the stock that has not expired.

Column Help – Lower Panel

Lot Number

This is where you specify a Lot Number for the stock item, click on the cell to edit the value. You cannot have two Stock records with the same Lot Number that exist in the same Location.

Supplier Lot Number

This is where the Supplier Lot Number is stored (If there is one), it is not a mandatory field. Click on the cell to edit.


This displays the supplier that is against the stock item, double click on the cell to select from a list of suppliers in the system.


This is the Expiry Date for the Stock item, double click the field to select a date from the calendar.


This is the Location in which the Stock item is stored; double click the cell to lookup a location from the system.

Weight Received

This is the total weight of the item you are receiving, click the cell to edit.

Date Received

This is the date when the Stock item was received, it defaults to the date in which the item was put into the system but it can be edited by double clicking on the cell and selecting from a calendar.


This is the cost of the item you are receiving; you can edit this cell by clicking on it.

On Hand

This is the current quantity of the Stock item that is in the system, if you need to make an adjustment you can click on the cell to edit the value.

Total Value

This displays the total cost of the current stock item, the Cost field is multiplied by the On Hand field to create this value.

Supplier Name

This is the name of the Supplier against the Stock item, this is determined by the Supplier Code selected and cannot be edited.

Manufacture Date

The date the item in question was manufactured, this would normally be provided by the supplier.


License Plate Number. This number can be used to uniquely identify a pallet and would normally be printed as a barcode to be attached to the pallet so when it is scanned the contents of the pallet will be know immediately.

Receipt Tare

The tare weight when the lot was received, this would either be the known tare weight of the container or the tare weight entered when receiving bulk items on the WMS terminal.

Keyboard Controls

Moves cell down.

Moves cell right.

Hold down to select multiple rows.

Cancels transaction.

Edit Cell