Job Log


This screen summarizes the quantity of commodities consumed in batches produced for a specific job. The top panel list all the jobs available within the limits defined by the filter in the top right hand corner. Selecting a job will populate the bottom half of the screen with a summary of all the commodities used across all the batches produced for the job.

Please note this is a read only screen and is provided as a quick reference.

Button Help

Exports a CSV file with the table view contents (opens in Excel).  Applies to all Inventory tables.

Search Assist

Type into the box and the system will search automatically based on the menu selection to the right (click and use the pull down to select which column to search). Delete the text to remove the search.

Column Help – Upper Panel

Job Number

This displays the Job Number of the selected Job.


This displays the Formula Code of the Formula produced against the selected Job.


This displays the Formula Description of the Formula produced against the selected Job.


This displays the total number of Units required for the Job.


This displays the number of Batches required for the Job.


This displays the number of Batches remaining for the Job.


This displays the number of Batches that have been suspended.


This displays the Status of the Job (Deleted, Scheduled and Completed).


This displays the date and time of when the Job was created in the system.

Time Elapsed

This displays the amount of time currently spent on the Job.

Custom Field 1 – 5

This displays the 5 custom fields from the production plan screen.

Column Help – Lower Panel


This displays the Commodity Code of the Step(s) that were consumed in the job.


This displays the Commodity Description of the Step(s) that were consumed in the job.


This displays the quantity that was consumed against the step(s).

Total Required

This displays what quantity the step(s) require.


This displays what Unit of Measure the step was consumed in.


This displays as a percentage how close the Quantity is to the Total Required.


This displays how long it took for the step to be consumed.

Keyboard Controls

Moves cell down.

Moves cell right.

Hold down to select multiple rows.

Cancels transaction.

Edit Cell