Q&A Groups - Control Center Guide

V5 On-Line Help Section


The ‘Q&A Groups’ section of the V5 system allows users to create custom groups of questions and answers from the ‘Q&A’ section.

These groups of questions and answers can then be manually triggered by operators in Terminal when undertaking batch production.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Q&A Groups’ section can be found under the ‘Quality’ header of Control Center.

The Q&A Groups section of Control Center is split up into 3 panels:

  • Top (yellow) panel: This is where new Q&A groups can be created and named.
  • Bottom left (red) panel: This is where existing questions (see Q&A) can be assigned to the Q&A group highlighted in the top panel. These cannot be edited.
  • Bottom right (blue) panel: This is where the answers of the questions selected in the bottom left panel will be displayed. These cannot be edited.

If any edits are required for questions in Q&A Groups, this should be done in the Q&A section of Control Center.

Column Help – Top Panel


Custom keyboard input field, allowing users to create a code for their Q&A Group.


Custom keyboard input field, allowing users to name their Q&A Group.

Column Help – Bottom Left Panel


Drop down menu allowing users to pick questions created in ‘Q&A’ to be assigned to the Q&A Group selected in the top panel. Can also be typed into to search for questions. Searches must be verbatim.


The type of question, as defined in the ‘Q&A’ section. Cannot be edited.


The group to which this question was assigned in ‘Q&A’. Cannot be edited.

Column Help – Bottom Right Panel


Displays answers for the question selected in the bottom left panel. Cannot be edited.


Whether this answer will terminate the current process. Cannot be edited.


Whether this answer will notify management if selected. Cannot be edited.