This screen will allow you to setup new terminals and configure them. Changes to this screen should not be made without contacting a SG Systems support representative.

Button Help

Adds a Terminal to the list (upper panel) and adds a Terminal Location to the list (lower panel).

Deletes a Terminal from the list (upper panel) and removes a Terminal Location to the list (lower panel).

Exports a CSV file with the table view contents (opens in Excel).  Applies to the terminal list (upper) & the terminal locations (lower).

Search Assist

Type into the box and the system will search automatically based on the menu selection to the right (click and use the pull down to select which column to search). Delete the text to remove the search.

Column Help – Upper Panel


This is the name of the terminal, this is decided by what it loaded into the Terminal’s configuration file.

IP Address

This displays what the Terminal’s current IP Address is.


Double clicking on this field will display a dialog box listing all the configuration settings for the selected terminal. It is highly recommended that you do NOT change any of these settings without speaking to a SG Systems support representative first.


This will display the version number of the software that is currently running on the terminal, useful for checking all the software is up to date.

Terminals can be added manually but are normally added automatically when the Terminal is installed on the network.

Column Help – Lower Panel

Terminal Location

This displays the current Location(s) that the terminal belongs to; click the cell and it will allow you to select a location from a combo box.

Location Description

This will be automatically be populated when a Terminal Location is selected.

Location Type

This indicates whether the location is product or stock. Production locations can match up with a formulas production location (i.e. a terminal set to include a ‘dry’ production location will only every see jobs for formulas that are set to be produced in a ‘dry’ location, a terminal will only see stock that is available in any stock location listed here). Leave this screen blank to see all production and stock locations.

Keyboard Controls

Moves cell down.

Moves cell right.

Hold down to select multiple rows.

Cancels transaction.

Edit Cell