Button Help

Adds a unit to the list.

Deletes a unit from the list.

Exports a CSV file with the table view contents (opens in Excel).  Applies to the formula list (upper) & the formula steps (lower).

Search Assist

Type into the box and the system will search automatically based on the menu selection to the right (click and use the pull down to select which column to search). Delete the text to remove the search.

Column Help


Code used as an abbreviated commodity identifier for the unit description. Must be unique. If entering a code which has been entered previously and deleted, the option to restore the deleted unit will be provided with a pop up.


Description used to identify the unit.

Conversion Rate

How the new stock unit relates to the default system stock unit. For example, if the default stock unit is KG and you wish to enter LB as a stock unit, the conversion is 2.2 (1Kg = 2.2LB). During the receiving process, a 22.7Kg bag can be received and converted into 50LB, allowing 50LB to be booked into stock. The conversion process is used to allow multiple types of values to be received into the warehouse, but a single stock unit is used for the internal processes.

Keyboard Controls

Moves cell down.

Moves cell right.

Hold down to select multiple rows.

Cancels transaction.

Edit Cell