Ingredient Scaling System

Eliminate 'Out of Specification' Batches!

Ingredient Scaling System

Ingredient Scaling System

SG Systems V5 Formula Control Scale (Ingredient Scaling System) is the perfect way to ensure ingredients are measured & Traced accurately and consistently, without costly giveaway or out of specification batches. Brochure

The Ingredient Scaling System ensures each weighed ingredient has enforced +/- unique tolerances, preventing recipe completion until all ingredients are weighed using the green speedometer style target zone.

The systems scans and validates lot numbers, providing real time inventory usage and eliminating costly traceability paperwork.  For ERP Integration, see ERP Page

Hundreds of configuration options exist in the standard system, enabling each workstation to be setup to handle many applications including batch, campaign and combination weighing.

Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale

User Friendly Batching Screens

The Ingredient Scaling System allows management to schedule production jobs (or import from ERP) to 1 or more area specific batch terminals.

Each ingredient step has unique conditions (weighed, key entry, counted, bulk control ect) and jobs can be weighed in horizontal (campaign) or vertical (batch) modes, in sequential or none sequential modes.

The flexible system allows strict batch compliance, or the option to batch edit the formula or schedule on the fly.

Operator specific logins allow varying levels of access and control, recording all  activity.

Safety, Allergens, SOP’s & QA

Commodity specific messaging ensures operator confirmation with requirements such as Allergens, Safety Instructions, HACCP & SOP’s.

Import the latest GHS Safety & Allergen Symbols to display to operators at the correct time, each time.

Create a custom library of quality assurance questions and answers to facilitate the requirements of HACCP, COSHH, SOP’s and GMP (plus many other qualify and safety standards).

The Ingredient Scaling System records responses to batch specific questions, allowing for a paperless QA environment.

Ingredient Scaling System Labels

Many label printing options exist in the Ingredient Scaling System.  (Click here for finished product label printing).

Standard Label Fields

Job & Batch Number, Recipe Code, Recipe Description, Operator Code & Name, Produced Date & Time, Batch Expiration, Mix Size, Batch Size, Bag Number, Weigh, Container Count.

Labeling Events (events which generate labels)

Ingredient weigh, lot change, batch end, container change, separate ingredients, non-weighed items, suspended / aborted batch.

With V5 Traceability installed, batches are achieved with great accuracy!

Les Howell, Illes Seasonings & Flavors

We no longer need to keystroke the handwritten batch logs into Quickbooks. We’ve seen the benefits!

Eldad Jungreis, Sunflower Kitchen

As a provider of safe family products, it is vital to have a trusted traceability partner. SG Systems is our trusted partner.

Cydney Mathis, Slovacek Sausage

V5 Traceability has played a big role in managing our product quality which has definitely helped our growth

Mike Prasek, Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse

V5 Traceability is truly a great system to gain full insight of your business and make decisions in a timely manner.

Anthony Pariti, Always Bagels

Ingredient Scaling Systems

An Ingredient Scaling System, like the SG Systems V5 Formula Control Scale System, plays a vital role in industries where precision and accuracy in ingredient management are crucial. This system ensures that ingredients are measured accurately and traced consistently, which is paramount in avoiding production errors and maintaining high-quality standards.

Ingredient Scaling System Key Features:

  • Enforced Tolerances: Each ingredient has specific tolerances that must be met, ensuring the accuracy of each batch.
  • Flexible Configuration: The system can be customized to suit various industrial applications, enhancing its versatility across different sectors.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It allows easy scheduling of production jobs and can handle different batching methods, making it accessible for operators of varying skill levels.
  • Safety and Compliance: The system is designed to meet rigorous safety and quality assurance standards, crucial in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Detailed FAQs on Ingredient Scaling Systems

  1. What is an Ingredient Scaling System Used for? It’s used in manufacturing for the precise measurement and tracking of ingredients, crucial in industries like food production, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, where exact quantities are essential for quality and safety.
  2. How Does the System Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency? By ensuring precise ingredient measurements, the system reduces material waste and enhances product consistency. It also minimizes the risk of producing batches that don’t meet quality standards, thus reducing costly rework.
  3. Can the System Be Integrated With Existing Manufacturing Infrastructure? Yes, these systems often feature integration capabilities with existing ERP systems and other manufacturing infrastructures, facilitating seamless operation and better inventory management.
  4. What Types of Manufacturing Environments Can Benefit from This System? The system’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of manufacturing environments, from food and beverage production to pharmaceutical and chemical processing.
  5. How Does the System Contribute to Safety and Regulatory Compliance? The system includes features for detailed allergen management, safety instructions, and quality assurance protocols. It supports compliance with safety and quality standards such as HACCP, COSHH, SOPs, and GMP.
  6. Does the System Offer Flexibility in Terms of Ingredient Handling? Yes, it provides a range of options for handling ingredients, including different batching methods and the ability to edit formulas or schedules as required.
  7. What Makes the System User-Friendly? The system is designed with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-understand controls, making it accessible for operators of varying skill levels and reducing the training time required.
  8. Are There Any Advanced Features in the System for Quality Control? Advanced features include the ability to import the latest safety and allergen symbols, as well as the creation of a custom library of QA questions and answers to ensure each batch meets strict quality standards.
  9. How Does the Ingredient Scaling System Impact Inventory Management? By providing accurate measurements and tracking, the system allows for more precise inventory control, reducing overstocking or understocking of materials.
  10. Can the System Handle Complex Recipes or Formulas? Absolutely. The system is capable of handling complex recipes with multiple ingredients, ensuring each component is added in the correct quantity and sequence.

In conclusion, Ingredient Scaling Systems are integral to the efficient and accurate operation of modern manufacturing processes. They provide indispensable tools for precise ingredient measurement, quality control, safety compliance, and efficient inventory management, making them a key component in a wide range of industrial applications.