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Satisfying Walmart’s PTI ASN Requirements

Did you know that the V5 System from SG Systems, LLC can provide a rapid solution to the demands from Walmart’s PTI ASN Requirements in their Walmart PTI ASN EDI Suppliers Letter?  SG Systems, LLC has provided leading produce grower / packer & shippers with cutting edge solutions since 2008.

Walmart’s PTI ASN Requirements

Walmart's PTI ASN Requirements

Satisfying Walmart’s PTI ASN Requirements

Our solution meets all the requirements laid out in Walmart’s recent presentation document Walmart PTI ASN SSCC EDI 18_September_2017_v3 and above all – ITS SIMPLE TO USE!!

SG Systems V5 System meets the Walmart’s Requirements labeling needs (PTI case labels, SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code Labels) and provides easy ASN (Advance Shipping Notification) meeting all Walmart’s requirements without you needing to be come an expert in the subject.

Walmart’s PTI ASN Requirements with your ERP?

Above all, our solution integrates  with any ERP / Accounts software (Quickbooks, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Ross… plus many others) so you can share data without having to reinvent the wheel or change your processes.

So, email us at and we’ll contact you arrange a no obligation demonstration of the solution at your convenience.




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