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Weighing Review
April 7, 2015

Weighing Review Feature Article

SG Systems LLC – Bissu Cosmetics was founded in 1991 with the purpose of making available to the Mexican market a wide range of beauty products with the highest quality standards worldwide.

The Conroe, TX manufacturing facility produces a wide range of high quality cosmetics products. Bissu Cosmetics develop, manufacture, distribute and technically support hundreds of cosmetic products for the heavily regulated and fashion conscious consumer market.

To control the manufacturing and quality processes in their state of the art operation, Bissu Cosmetics decided to invest in the Cosmetics Batch Control System from SG Systems LLC, to make their already robust batch weighing process even tighter. Bissu Cosmetics needed to take their manual batching process to the next level and bridge the gap between their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System and the shop floor weighing operations. Dynamics AX software typically manages a company’s business processes, including the Bills of Materials (BOM), Production Schedule and Inventory.

SG Systems has a history of Cosmetics Batch Control Systems with installations in many countries over many years, providing compliance with 21 CFR parts 73, 74, and 82. (See inspection guides produced by the FDA Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices)


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