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traceability and compliance solutions

Audit Compliance – Every Day!

Traditional Auditing involves paperwork, and lots of it!  AuditTec eliminates the paperwork and makes auditing quick, simple and reliable.  Checks, procedures and audits are easily completed while eliminating paperwork and reducing man hours.  Collected compliance data (image, text and audio) is digitally stored for immediate reporting and dashboard analytics. (Americas Login) (Europe Login)

  • Technical Audits
  • Health & Safety
  • Incident Reporting
  • Training & Skills
  • Vehicle Checks

BRC audit templates to the latest revision are already setup in AuditTec, however you can easily setup your own and conduct them using the AuditTec app.  Multiple levels of user elevation allow none conformance / late audit alerts to be automatically escalated to management.

traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions

Management Software

AuditTec traceability and compliance solutions software allows all audits & schedules, devices & alerts to be setup and controlled online securely and quickly.  AuditTec manages issue alerts through your business and  hierarchy, ensuring notification and remedial action is efficiently managed.

Setup audit templates (or pull from the internal BRC template), manage users, sites, zones, question categories and systems settings.  Design standard email notifications for issue escalation and access powerful, printable reports giving summary or detailed information.

Advanced users can view the system dashboard, keeping track of critical ‘red’ issues relating to none conformance and business threats.

traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions
traceability and compliance solutions

Operator Screens

AuditTec’s intuitive user app is downloadable for instant use on approved mobile devices. Authorized users can begin audits immediately, capturing responses using preset buttons, entering keyboard comments or utilizing the device camera to capture images.  All date & time tracked automatically.

Minor, major and critical non-conformances are categorized and captured, allowing automated issue escalation to supervisors and management.

Captured device data is backed up electronically to AuditTec’s secure cloud database, allowing for remote, digital auditing on any day, from anywhere.

AuditTec removes a considerable amount of traditional paperwork from all required audits. Built in issue escalation eliminates lag and provides key issue data to management in real time.

Fully configurable to meet the needs of the business and users.  AuditTec’s ‘offline’ mode allows audits to be captured in areas of poor internet or wifi (such as auditing in a tunnel) , often found in manufacturing businesses.

traceability and compliance solutions

Dashboards & Reports

Graphical web based reporting and charting allow management to quickly understand the status of all business audit issues.  All in one place, in real time.  No more time delays waiting for inefficient paper based audits to be collected and presented.

Dozens of layouts and standard reports exist to facilitate even the most stringent of audits.  Never get caught out again.  Be audit ready, every day. Samples Reports

“Ensure those who need to know, know and those who need to do, do

What’s next?  Free trial?

AuditTec traceability and compliance solutions work on most existing computer based devices.  From smartphones and tablets to servers and desktop PC’s.

To begin the journey of paperless digital auditing, contact us today for a product tour and free consultation.

We’ll be happy to arrange an online demo and assessment of your needs.  you may even qualify for a 30 day no obligation AuditTec trial!

With AuditTec installed, digital auditing has become a reality. We rely on the system for all aspects of compliance.

William Despard, Bretzel Bakery

We have complete confidence in AuditTec Compliance, and we enjoy using it

Russell Cawdron, Bright Blue Foods

The AuditTec Compliance implementation was easy, using existing devices across both of our sites

Simon Law, The Blue Sea Food Company

AuditTec FAQ’s

1. What is AuditTec Compliance? AuditTec Compliance is a digital solution that transforms traditional auditing processes by eliminating the need for extensive paperwork, thereby making audits quicker, simpler, and more reliable. It allows for efficient completion of checks, procedures, and audits, significantly reducing man hours and digitizing compliance data storage for immediate reporting and analytics.

2. What types of audits can AuditTec handle? AuditTec is versatile in handling a range of audits, including technical audits, health and safety checks, incident reporting, training and skills assessments, and vehicle inspections, ensuring comprehensive coverage of various compliance needs.

3. Can AuditTec be customized for specific audit types? Absolutely, AuditTec is highly customizable. It includes pre-configured BRC audit templates and also enables users to create their own custom templates, catering to the specific auditing requirements of different organizations.

4. How does AuditTec manage non-conformance and late audit alerts? AuditTec employs a sophisticated system with multiple user levels to automatically escalate alerts related to non-conformance or late audits directly to management, ensuring prompt attention and action.

5.Is AuditTec a cloud-based system? Yes, AuditTec is a cloud-based solution offering secure and quick online setup and control over various auditing elements, including schedules, devices, and alerts, enhancing accessibility and management efficiency.

6.Can AuditTec track issue alerts in an organization? AuditTec effectively manages and tracks issue alerts throughout the organizational hierarchy, guaranteeing efficient notification and prompt remedial action for any compliance-related issues.

7. Is there a mobile application for AuditTec? Indeed, AuditTec features an intuitive mobile app available for immediate download on approved devices, facilitating on-the-go auditing capabilities and enhancing operational flexibility.

8. Can AuditTec be used for remote auditing? AuditTec’s cloud database support enables remote digital auditing from any location, ensuring continuous compliance monitoring and auditing capability regardless of geographical constraints.

9. Does AuditTec offer any offline capabilities? Recognizing the challenges of varying internet connectivity, AuditTec includes an ‘offline’ mode, allowing audit data capture in low connectivity areas, which is particularly beneficial in certain industrial environments.

10. How does AuditTec enhance reporting and analytics? AuditTec provides advanced web-based graphical reporting and charting, enabling management to swiftly understand and respond to the status of all business audit issues in real-time, without the delays associated with traditional paper-based audits.

11. Can AuditTec be integrated with existing computer-based devices? AuditTec is designed to work seamlessly with a wide array of existing computer-based devices, including smartphones, tablets, servers, and desktop PCs, offering wide compatibility and integration options.

12. Is there a trial version available for AuditTec? Prospective users can explore AuditTec’s capabilities through a product tour and free consultation offered by the company, with the possibility of a 30-day no-obligation trial to fully evaluate its features.

13. How does AuditTec categorize non-conformances? It systematically categorizes non-conformances into minor, major, or critical levels, facilitating automated escalation and ensuring appropriate management attention to compliance issues.

14. Does AuditTec eliminate traditional paperwork in auditing? By digitizing the auditing process, AuditTec significantly reduces the reliance on traditional paperwork, streamlining the audit process and enhancing efficiency.

15. Can AuditTec be configured to specific business needs? Tailored to meet diverse business requirements, AuditTec offers full configurability, allowing organizations to adapt its features to their unique auditing and compliance needs.

16. What type of data does AuditTec collect for compliance? It efficiently collects and securely stores a variety of compliance data, including images, text, and audio, thereby enhancing the richness and reliability of compliance reporting.

17. Does AuditTec provide notifications for issue escalation? The system is designed to facilitate the creation of standard email notifications for issue escalation, ensuring timely communication and action on critical compliance matters.

18. What kind of user interface does the AuditTec app offer? The app is user-friendly, featuring preset buttons for responses, keyboard for comments, and camera integration for image capture, all contributing to an efficient auditing experience.

19. How does AuditTec manage audit schedules and templates? AuditTec allows users to securely and quickly set up and control audit schedules and templates online, providing flexibility and ease in managing diverse audit requirements.

20. What reporting capabilities does AuditTec offer? It provides comprehensive reporting options with powerful, printable reports offering both summary and detailed information, along with a system dashboard for real-time tracking of critical compliance issues.

Elevate Your Compliance Standards with AuditTec: The Next Generation in Auditing Technology

In today’s competitive business landscape, AuditTec is more than just an audit app—it’s a beacon of innovation in regulatory compliance software. This advanced platform has been meticulously designed to redefine regulatory compliance management, offering a seamless transition from traditional audit methods to a sophisticated, app-based auditing system.

Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Software

AuditTec is a comprehensive regulatory compliance management tool that encapsulates the essence of modern-day audits. This system is tailored to meet the intricate demands of various industries, including the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing regulatory compliance. With AuditTec, businesses can navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence, ensuring that every aspect of the audit process is covered with precision.

Traceability and Compliance Solutions for the Digital Age

The traceability and compliance solutions provided by AuditTec are unparalleled in scope and efficiency. The software enables companies to set up and manage their audit schedules and devices with the highest level of security and speed. The system’s robust architecture allows for seamless integration with existing processes, bringing about a transformation that elevates traceability to new heights.

Innovative SQF Audit Software

For organizations seeking exceptional sqf audit software, AuditTec offers an unmatched experience. It facilitates digital auditing of quality and maintenance tasks, empowering businesses to achieve and maintain audit compliance. The platform’s cutting-edge technology ensures that audit results are timely, accurate, and easily accessible, paving the way for enhanced quality control and process optimization.

Transformative Paperless Auditing

The digital compliance management capabilities of AuditTec are at the forefront of the paperless revolution. By eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork, AuditTec streamlines the audit process, making it quick, simple, and reliable. The platform’s intuitive interface and automated systems work in concert to deliver a paperless auditing solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also drastically reduces the margin for error.

Tailored Solutions for Health and Safety Compliance

Health and safety compliance management software is a critical component of AuditTec’s offering. It provides businesses with the tools necessary to ensure that their operations adhere to the highest standards of health and safety regulations. AuditTec’s proactive approach to compliance management means that issues are identified and addressed promptly, ensuring a safe and compliant working environment.

The Future of Compliance Audit Management Software

AuditTec’s compliance audit management software is designed for the future, offering digital compliance solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology. The software’s capabilities are not just limited to facilitating audits but also include managing compliance across all levels of an organization. With AuditTec, companies can look forward to a future where compliance is not a hurdle but a stepping stone to greater success.


AuditTec stands as a testament to the power of innovation in the field of compliance and audit management. As an all-encompassing digital compliance solution, it offers unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. The digital transformation of the auditing process is here, and AuditTec is leading the charge. Make the switch to AuditTec and ensure that your business is not just surviving but thriving in the realm of regulatory compliance.