Sage X3

Integration using V5 Connect


Experience effortless data exchange between Sage X3, your host ERP, and V5 Traceability applications with ‘V5 Connect.’ This innovative solution empowers companies utilizing Sage X3 as their ERP system to automate data interchange seamlessly.

The diagram below illustrates the locations for Master Data. Typically, SG Systems designates the host ERP system as the hub for master data. However, specific manufacturing and quality data, such as image capture, reside within V5 Traceability.

In the example below, you can see a Sage X3 integration implemented at a plant that leverages V5 Traceability across the manufacturing operation, from receiving to shipping, complete with multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) and schedules.

With ‘V5 Connect,’ SG Systems offers customization capabilities, enabling data retrieval and transmission using web service calls at flexible intervals. Our comprehensive services package includes the data mapping process, ensuring a seamless integration experience.