Manufacturing Execution System

Seamless Batch and Packaging Processes

The V5 Traceability MES Module transforms manufacturing workflows, particularly for companies producing batches from various ingredients. It meticulously manages ingredient use, whether from bags or bulk silos, ensuring precise quantities for each production stage. The module’s strength lies in its ability to allocate jobs efficiently across locations, optimizing both bulk-fed and bagged ingredient processes.

As production shifts from mixing to final product assembly, V5 integrates packaging materials with manufactured batches, enabling serialization of finished goods. This streamlined approach generates an electronic batch record, replacing manual processes and enhancing traceability. All data seamlessly syncs with the host ERP, ensuring accurate, real-time information flow.

Key Benefits:

  • Precision in ingredient allocation and usage.
  • Effective job distribution and routing.
  • Smooth transition from raw mix to finished goods.
  • Integration of packaging materials with product batches.
  • Electronic batch records for improved traceability.
  • Flawless ERP integration for data consistency.

The V5 Traceability MES Module is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformative tool for manufacturers aiming for efficiency and precision. By harmonizing batch production with packaging, V5 sets a new benchmark in manufacturing, where innovation enhances every step of the process.

Streamlined Production Workflow with V5 Traceability MES

The V5 Traceability MES Module transforms production planning by breaking down orders into specific tasks for each workcenter, ensuring a seamless workflow. It adeptly stages whole bags at mixers and facilitates precise hand-weighing of additional ingredients, ensuring each batch is meticulously composed.

This system stands out by offering multilingual displays, accommodating a diverse workforce and simplifying operations across global facilities. With enforced weighing tolerances and ingredient-specific parameters, the V5 ensures unparalleled accuracy in every step of the production process.

Key to its functionality is the system’s ability to generate detailed labels for both ingredients and batches, enhancing traceability and compliance. These labels, combined with the streamlined staging of whole bags, hand-weighed ingredients, and bulk materials at mixers, ensure a flawless mixing process.

Transitioning to a digital ecosystem, the V5 MES eradicates manual batch records, adopting electronic batch records with digital signatures for validation. This shift not only bolsters traceability but also streamlines compliance, making audits more straightforward.

Innovative Features for Precision and Compliance:

  • Task-specific breakdown for efficient workcenter operations.
  • Multilingual displays to support a diverse workforce.
  • Enforced and ingredient-specific weighing tolerances for unmatched accuracy.
  • Automated printing of ingredient and batch labels for easy identification.
  • Digital transformation with electronic batch records and digital signatures.

By integrating these advanced features, the V5 Traceability MES Module offers a comprehensive solution that enhances accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency in manufacturing processes, setting a new standard in the industry.

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Precision in Bulk Ingredient Handling and Mixer Integration with V5 Traceability MES

The V5 Traceability MES Module elevates bulk ingredient management by ensuring each ingredient, whether dry or liquid, is meticulously tracked and integrated into batches with unparalleled precision. This stage is critical in maintaining the integrity of the entire batch, as it involves the seamless transfer of bulk ingredients from storage units like silos and tanks directly into mixers, a process that V5 handles with utmost accuracy.

A standout feature of the V5 system is its robust integration with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), making the entire process virtually error-proof. By communicating directly with PLCs, V5 ensures that every ingredient transfer, such as moving a bulk ingredient from a silo to a mixing hopper, is precisely monitored and recorded. This digital oversight eliminates the reliance on paper records, streamlining operations and enhancing traceability.

The adaptability of V5 to work with existing PLC setups is noteworthy. Whether the communication needs to be at a high level for comprehensive control or at a more basic level for specific tasks, V5 can accommodate various communication protocols to fit the current infrastructure. This flexibility ensures that the transition to enhanced bulk ingredient handling and mixer control is smooth and efficient.

Advanced Integration and Control Features:

  • Precise tracking of high-volume bulk ingredients for accurate batch composition.
  • Automated traceability of bulk ingredient transfers, ensuring integrity and preventing recalls.
  • Seamless PLC integration for error-proof ingredient dispensing and recording.
  • Versatile communication capabilities to match existing or preferred PLC setups.
  • Digital transformation of ingredient management, replacing manual with electronic records.

By adopting the V5 Traceability MES Module for bulk ingredient handling and mixer control, manufacturers can achieve a new level of precision and efficiency. This system not only safeguards product quality but also significantly reduces the potential for human error, setting a benchmark in manufacturing excellence.

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Finalizing Production with Precision: From Finished Goods to Palletization in V5 Traceability MES

Seamless Integration from Manufacturing to Market-Ready Products

In the critical phase of transforming a manufactured batch into market-ready finished goods, the V5 Traceability MES Module demonstrates unparalleled efficacy. This stage is vital for ensuring that each product not only meets quality standards but is also equipped with precise labeling, encompassing GS1-128 labels or 2D DataMatrix codes, reflecting a direct link to the batch and packaging materials used.

The V5 system simplifies the labeling process, catering to diverse operational needs with options for automatic, manual, or inkjet coding. This flexibility ensures that every item, regardless of how it’s labeled, carries accurate and consistent identification, crucial for traceability and compliance.

A key component of this stage is the application of SSCC labels on pallets, meticulously detailing the contents and their origins. This labeling is essential for the efficient management and allocation of pallets to sales orders within the V5 MES framework, whether they involve whole pallets or broken-down configurations for specific order fulfillment.

Streamlined Product Finalization and Palletization:

  • GS1-128 and 2D DataMatrix labeling for definitive product identification.
  • Flexible labeling modes to suit various production line requirements.
  • Direct linkage of labels to manufactured batches and packaging materials.
  • SSCC pallet labeling for comprehensive content and location tracking.
  • Advanced pallet management for precise order fulfillment and allocation.

By integrating these sophisticated finalization and palletization features, the V5 Traceability MES Module not only enhances the production line’s efficiency but also ensures that the transition from manufacturing to delivery is seamless, accurate, and fully compliant with industry standards. This ensures that finished products are ready for distribution, perfectly labeled, and traceable back to their source, setting a new benchmark in manufacturing excellence.

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