Warehouse Management System

Streamlined Inventory and Order Fulfillment

The V5 Warehouse Management System (WMS) revolutionizes warehouse operations, optimizing the receiving, storing, and dispatching of goods for businesses with diverse inventories. It ensures efficient management of both palletized and loose items, enhancing space utilization and inventory accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Optimal inventory allocation and accuracy
  • Efficient handling of diverse stock types
  • Enhanced space utilization
  • Automated order matching for faster fulfillment
  • Streamlined picking and packing workflows
  • Seamless ERP integration for consistent data flow

V5 WMS integrates order fulfillment with real-time inventory management, automating picking routes and minimizing manual intervention. Each transaction is recorded, enhancing traceability and eliminating paperwork. ERP synchronization ensures up-to-date inventory records. V5 WMS sets a new standard in warehouse operations, streamlining inventory management and accelerating order processing for optimal efficiency and precision.

Warehouse Management Elevated

The V5 Warehouse Management System (WMS) revolutionizes warehouse operations, offering an elegantly simple yet profoundly effective set of features accessible on mobile devices. This system is tailored for modern warehouses, emphasizing efficiency, precision, and compliance in inventory management.

Comprehensive Feature Set for Enhanced Operations

  • Versatile Multi-Location Inventory Management: Expertly manages a broad spectrum of inventory across multiple storage areas, from raw materials to finished goods, incorporating advanced algorithms for automatic allergen control to prevent cross-contamination and ensure consumer safety.
  • Seamless Purchase Order Processing: Automates the entire process of receiving, inspecting, and storing incoming goods based on detailed purchase orders, including a robust built-in quality assurance framework for thorough trailer inspections, safeguarding the integrity and compliance of incoming shipments.
  • Integrated Lab Testing and Document Digitization: Merges laboratory test outcomes, such as Certificates of Analysis, directly with inventory records, enhanced by sophisticated image capture features for efficient digital recording and retrieval of essential documents like COAs and Bills of Lading (BOLs), bolstering traceability and regulatory compliance.
  • Optimized Sales Order Fulfillment: Empowers teams with tools for both generating and importing sales orders, coupled with intelligent directed picking and allocation mechanisms that streamline the order fulfillment process, significantly reducing lead times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient Shipping Coordination and Communication: Facilitates the smooth dispatch of sales orders and the creation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents, fostering seamless communication with business partners. This feature is complemented by versatile labeling capabilities, ensuring clear and consistent identification of inventory for effortless tracking and management.
  • Customizable Quality Control Protocols: Adapts to commodity-specific or event-driven quality control requirements, providing a flexible framework for maintaining high-quality standards across all products, enhancing product reliability, and meeting diverse regulatory requirements.

The V5 WMS not only simplifies warehouse management tasks but also brings to the forefront innovative solutions for allergen control, quality assurance, and digital documentation, making it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to elevate their V5 Production Systems. It offers a comprehensive approach to managing stock, WIP, and finished products, paving the way for unparalleled efficiency, safety, and compliance in warehouse operations.

Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control

Enhanced Inventory Management Experience

Navigating through the inventory management process is made effortlessly intuitive with the V5 WMS’s main tile menu. The system’s user-friendly interface offers an array of functions designed to comprehensively support every facet of warehouse operations and allergen management. With just a few taps on the touch screen, which is optimized for finger scroll control, users can access and manage the inventory with unparalleled ease.

To make inventory adjustments, users can effortlessly select or scan existing commodity lots using the system’s responsive touch screen interface. The process is further simplified by allowing users to choose a new storage location for the items, with the system being fully customizable to accommodate the unique organizational structure of your warehouse, including racks, bins, etc. Once the new location is selected, users can easily update inventory quantities, either by manual key entry or automatically through a connected scale, ensuring precision and reducing the margin for error.

The system also allows for the immediate printing of new labels, reflecting updated information, directly from the device, streamlining the process and ensuring that all inventory is accurately labeled and easily identifiable.

Furthermore, V5 WMS’s inventory control system includes advanced configuration options, allowing users to filter and display inventory based on specific criteria such as quantities above a zero balance and items within a predefined expiration date range. This feature ensures that the inventory displayed is relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with operational needs, enhancing efficiency and decision-making in warehouse management.

Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control

Sophisticated Receiving in Inventory Management

The V5 Warehouse Management System offers a multifaceted approach to receiving inventory, accommodating a variety of delivery types from suppliers. This flexible system supports numerous methods including imported purchase orders with detailed line items, commodities specific to certain suppliers, or a free entry mode that caters to all commodities and suppliers. This versatility ensures that warehouse operators can efficiently manage deliveries in a manner that best suits the operational workflow and supplier relationships.

Upon receiving inventory, operators are seamlessly guided through a process that captures essential details, enhancing the accuracy and traceability of inventory records. They are prompted to input variable information critical to inventory management such as lot numbers, both supplier-assigned and internally generated, expiration dates, the quantity received, and the designated storage location or bin number. This comprehensive data capture ensures that each item is meticulously recorded and traceable back to its source, enhancing both accountability and quality control within the warehouse environment.

The system’s integration with network printers, both mobile and stationary, allows for the immediate printing of labels that reflect the newly received inventory’s detailed information. This capability ensures that all items are promptly and accurately labeled, facilitating easy identification and retrieval. Moreover, the real-time update of inventory levels upon receiving items ensures that stock records are always current, allowing for more effective inventory management and planning.

Furthermore, the V5 WMS provides advanced features for managing purchase orders, including the ability to import, export, or manually enter POs. Each PO is assigned a status—complete, suspended, or aborted—based on the operator’s permissions, offering a clear overview of the receiving process. The system also employs intuitive ‘Red, Yellow, Green’ live indicators to visually represent the status of received line items, enabling operators to quickly ascertain the progress of deliveries at a glance. This feature not only streamlines the receiving process but also enhances communication and efficiency within the warehouse team.

Seamless V5 QMS Integration

The V5 Quality Assurance (QA) module is a pivotal component of the warehouse management system, designed to enhance the integrity and reliability of inventory through meticulous data capture at the point of delivery. This module allows for the creation of user-defined questions in the Header, Body, and Footer sections, providing a comprehensive framework for capturing all necessary information as goods are received. This flexibility ensures that the QA module can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of deliveries, capturing detailed data that is crucial for maintaining high-quality standards.

By digitizing the process of attribute recording, the V5 QA module significantly reduces the risk of human error that is commonly associated with manual, paper-based record-keeping. This advancement in quality management is not only more efficient but also provides a higher level of accuracy in the data collected. The system can be configured by users to suit various stages of receiving or shipping, and it is adaptable to the specific requirements of different commodities. This user-configurable approach ensures that the QA module is a versatile tool capable of supporting a wide range of quality assurance activities.

The module’s user interface (Human-Machine Interface, HMI) is designed for simplicity and ease of use, facilitating the smooth prompting and recording of critical Quality Assurance Data and Certificates of Analysis (COAs), as seen in lab testing processes. This intuitive design ensures that users can efficiently navigate through the system, making the capture and review of quality data a straightforward task. The emphasis on user experience within the module’s design underlines the system’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy in quality assurance tasks.

Allergen Control System | Allergen Management Program | Allergen Control Policy Plan | Allergen Labeling

Streamlined Inventory Labeling with V5 WMS

The V5 Warehouse Management System elevates inventory management with its advanced labeling capabilities, ensuring every item’s traceability and handling instructions are clear and accessible. Beyond basic bin location barcodes, the system facilitates the printing of labels for various inventory transactions, including receiving, moving, adjusting, and withdrawing, accommodating both existing and new License Plate Numbers (LPNs). This versatility is supported by several pre-formatted label options, designed to meet the diverse requirements of customer installations, thereby streamlining the labeling process and ensuring consistency across warehouse operations.

The utilization of data matrix symbology in the V5 WMS’s labeling system is particularly noteworthy for its robustness and efficiency in industrial settings. This advanced symbology enables multi-directional scanning, significantly enhancing the ease and speed of inventory processing. Furthermore, for commodities that necessitate special handling, such as allergens, the system is adept at incorporating necessary warnings directly on the labels, thus reinforcing safety protocols and compliance with regulatory standards regarding product handling and consumer safety.

To accommodate various operational environments and technological infrastructures, the V5 WMS offers a range of printing options. These include direct serial, USB, and networked printing capabilities, both wifi and hardwired, ensuring flexibility and integration with different warehouse setups. The system’s compatibility extends to support widely used printer languages such as ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) for Zebra printers and IPL (Intermec Printer Language) for Intermec devices, alongside FTP printing capabilities. This compatibility facilitates seamless integration with prominent print servers like Loftware and Bartender, making the V5 WMS a versatile tool for diverse warehouse environments.

The V5 WMS’s comprehensive approach to inventory labeling not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that critical information is accurately and consistently communicated. By integrating advanced labeling features with flexible printing options and robust data matrix symbology, the V5 WMS sets a new standard for inventory management, making it an indispensable tool for warehouses aiming to optimize their operations and maintain high levels of accuracy and compliance in their inventory processes.

Optimized Directed Order Picking in V5 WMS

The V5 Warehouse Management System (WMS) introduces an advanced and strategic approach to stock control and order fulfillment through its directed order picking functionality. This sophisticated method ensures that order picking personnel are efficiently guided through the fulfillment process. Personnel are provided with a comprehensive list of sales orders along with the associated Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), enabling them to prioritize and organize their picking routes effectively. 

Directed order picking in V5 WMS is further refined by the integration of barcode scanning, both at the item and pallet level. This feature mandates the scanning of barcodes during the picking process, which serves multiple critical functions: it verifies the correctness of the item being picked, enforces First Expired, First Out (FEFO) or First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory rotation practices, and confirms the legitimacy of the items. Such meticulous checks are pivotal in minimizing errors, ensuring product quality, and maintaining the integrity of the inventory management process.

Upon the completion of the picking process, the V5 WMS facilitates the seamless printing of shipping labels and Bills of Lading (BOLs) to network printers, streamlining the final stages of order fulfillment. The system also ensures that inventory levels are adjusted in real-time as items are picked and packed, maintaining accurate stock records. Furthermore, the generation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) is automated within the system, with added functionality for carrier selection, optimizing the shipping process and enhancing communication with trading partners.

The directed order picking functionality is complemented by robust order management features within the V5 WMS, including the ability to import, export, or manually enter Purchase Orders (POs). The system assigns a status to each PO – complete, suspended, or aborted – based on the permissions of the operating personnel. Additionally, intuitive ‘Red, Yellow, Green’ live indicators provide visual cues regarding the status of line items, offering a clear and immediate understanding of order progress. 

Enhanced Efficiency with Scheduled Cycle Count

The V5 Warehouse Management System’s Scheduled Cycle Count feature revolutionizes inventory management by enabling precise and strategic cycle counting. Integrated with Control Center Software, it allows for highly customizable cycle count scheduling, empowering managers to target counts towards high-turnover items or those of significant value. This strategic focus ensures optimal use of resources, significantly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management.

Incorporating ‘Reasons’ for each cycle count brings a new level of accountability and clarity to the inventory management process. This functionality not only facilitates the creation of a comprehensive audit trail but also fosters a culture of transparency and continuous improvement. By providing explicit justifications for inventory counts and subsequent adjustments, the system enhances inventory traceability and supports a data-driven approach to managing warehouse operations.

The ‘random pick’ function is a critical component of the Scheduled Cycle Count, designed to ensure a thorough and impartial evaluation of inventory across a wide range of commodities. Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, this feature selects items for verification at random, offering an effective method for detecting and addressing potential stock discrepancies. This unbiased assessment is instrumental in upholding the integrity of inventory records, thereby bolstering confidence in inventory data for operational planning and decision-making.

Overall, the Scheduled Cycle Count feature within the V5 WMS embodies a sophisticated approach to inventory management, merging strategic planning with cutting-edge technology to achieve superior inventory accuracy. 

Streamlined Scheduled Stock Transfer

The Scheduled Stock Transfer feature in the V5 Warehouse Management System introduces a structured approach to managing inventory across multiple locations, incorporating an ‘IN-TRANSIT’ status to track commodities during transportation. This optional feature facilitates the seamless movement of items, such as ingredients, work-in-process (WIP), and finished goods, between various storage facilities, ensuring efficient and traceable stock transfers.

Central management of stock transfers is made possible through the integration with Control Center Software, allowing managers to specify which commodities need to be transported. Following the picking process in the WMS, a Stock Transfer Report, complete with a barcode, is generated and required to accompany the transported items. This report marks the commencement of the ‘IN-TRANSIT’ phase, during which additional details such as trailer numbers, seal information, and other quality assurance data can be captured electronically, enhancing the oversight and security of the transported goods.

Upon the goods’ arrival at their destination, the Stock Transfer Report is scanned, signaling the end of the ‘IN-TRANSIT’ phase. The items are then received and allocated to their designated storage locations using barcode scanners, streamlining the put-away process and ensuring that items are accurately placed. This systematic procedure not only simplifies the reception of transferred stock but also contributes to maintaining an organized and efficient warehouse environment.

The Scheduled Stock Transfer feature within the V5 WMS exemplifies an advanced logistical solution, designed to optimize the internal movement of stock between locations. 

Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control

Enhanced Shipping Efficiency with V5 WMS

The V5 Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers a comprehensive solution for generating shipping labels and delivery notes, adhering to the GS128 compliance required by many retailers for palletized deliveries. The system’s capability to produce 4 x 6″ Hybrid Pallet Labels for all outbound shipments ensures that each pallet is properly labeled with all the necessary information for smooth and compliant shipping processes.

At the core of the system’s functionality is the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) Label, a critical tool that simplifies the shipping process by encoding essential information like the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), quantities, and lot numbers into a single GS1 Barcode. This consolidation of data into the SSCC Label facilitates a straightforward and accurate method for producers to communicate shipment details to receivers, aligning with the standards of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the global GS1 standards, thereby ensuring widespread compliance.

The V5 WMS seamlessly integrates finished products with their corresponding sales orders and shipping routes, either by interfacing with an existing sales order system or by leveraging the V5 Control Center’s own Sales Order Processing Software. This integration extends to the system’s robust Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities, which enhance the shipping process by providing real-time communication and data exchange between trading partners. The EDI functionality supports the transmission of Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), further automating the shipping process and ensuring that all relevant information is shared efficiently and accurately with supply chain partners.

In addition to streamlining the creation of shipping labels, the V5 WMS automates the generation of detailed Bills of Lading for each shipment, providing a comprehensive overview of all finished product lot numbers included in the delivery. This automated documentation process, coupled with the system’s advanced EDI capabilities, not only significantly improves operational efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors, establishing a new benchmark in the management of shipping labels, delivery notes, and electronic data exchange within the logistics and supply chain sectors.

Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control
Warehouse Management | Inventory Control System | Stock Control

Mobile Hardware Compatibility and Networking

Hardware Specifications for Optimal Performance

The SG WMS, a cutting-edge warehouse management system software designed for comprehensive stock control, is engineered to function seamlessly across a broad spectrum of mobile devices equipped with Windows Mobile 8/10 or subsequent versions. As an official partner of industry-leading hardware manufacturers such as Intermec, Zebra, and Getac, SG Systems offers a diverse range of models specifically tailored for use in challenging environments, including refrigerated and freezer settings. This ensures that regardless of the operational context—be it a bustling factory floor or a sprawling warehouse complex—all stock control hardware provided is WiFi-enabled, facilitating flawless integration and communication within any factory or warehousing application.

Robust Networking Capabilities for Seamless Operations

At the heart of SG WMS’s operational excellence is its sophisticated networking infrastructure. Standard factory devices are designed to leverage TCP/IP communications, establishing a reliable and efficient connection to a central database via wireless LAN. This state-of-the-art networking approach empowers multi-site WMS inventory control systems to maintain constant and synchronized communication with a central database, ensuring that data integrity and operational continuity are preserved across all locations. Furthermore, terminal support is seamlessly managed through industry-standard protocols such as VNC (Virtual Network Computing) or RDC (Remote Desktop Connection), providing administrators with the tools they need for effective oversight and maintenance of the system, regardless of their physical location.

Through its advanced hardware specifications and robust networking capabilities, SG WMS sets a new standard in warehouse management system software, offering unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. By aligning with leading hardware partners and incorporating cutting-edge networking technologies, SG Systems ensures that its clients are equipped with a solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern warehousing and inventory control operations.

Exploring the V5 Mobile Warehouse Management System

Introduction to V5 Mobile WMS

The V5 Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of inventory control, tailored to meet the dynamic demands of contemporary warehouse environments. Crafted for both agility and efficiency, the V5 Mobile WMS encompasses a broad spectrum of functionalities including comprehensive multi-location inventory oversight, streamlined purchase order processing, meticulous lab testing protocols, proficient sales order management, and the creation of adaptable labeling solutions to cater to various inventory requirements.

Elevating Inventory Management

At its core, the V5 WMS revolutionizes the approach to inventory management through its intuitive user interface, designed to simplify complex processes such as stock adjustments, the relocation of commodities, and the updating of labels for a diverse range of inventory categories. This user-centric design ensures that even the most intricate inventory tasks are made manageable, enhancing operational efficiency across the board.

Optimizing Inventory Receiving

The V5 WMS excels in optimizing the receiving process, offering multiple methods to accommodate different types of inventory receipts, including the integration of imported purchase orders and the handling of specific commodity types. This flexibility ensures that the system can adapt to various operational needs, providing real-time updates to inventory levels to maintain accurate and effective stock management.

Quality Assurance and Value Addition

The integrated Quality Assurance (QA) module within the V5 WMS minimizes the risk of manual recording errors and captures critical delivery-related data with precision, thereby upholding the highest quality standards across all warehouse operations. This module plays a vital role in ensuring that quality control is not just a process but a foundational element of the inventory management system.

Advanced Labeling Capabilities

V5 WMS’s advanced labeling capabilities allow for the creation of custom labels tailored to specific inventory management needs, including the handling of items requiring special attention such as allergens. This feature underscores the system’s commitment to providing versatile solutions that address the unique challenges faced by warehouse operations.

Directed Order Picking Efficiency

The system’s directed order picking feature introduces a structured methodology to the picking process, guiding personnel through each step to ensure the accurate fulfillment of orders while adhering to FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) principles, thereby optimizing order fulfillment processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Strategic Scheduled Cycle Count

With the scheduled cycle count feature, V5 WMS offers businesses the ability to strategically manage their inventory through configurable cycle counting activities. This functionality enhances inventory accuracy, providing a solid foundation for effective stock control and operational planning.

Seamless Scheduled Stock Transfer

The scheduled stock transfer functionality of V5 WMS facilitates the efficient management of inventory across multiple locations, incorporating an ‘IN-TRANSIT’ status to track commodities during transportation. This feature not only streamlines the transfer process but also ensures the electronic recording of critical quality assurance data, maintaining transparency and control throughout the transfer process.

Comprehensive Shipping Label Production

V5 WMS’s capability to produce GS128 compliant shipping labels, including SSCC labels, streamlines the shipping process, ensuring that all outbound shipments are labeled in accordance with international standards. This functionality exemplifies the system’s commitment to facilitating smooth and compliant shipping operations.

Versatile Hardware Compatibility and Networking

Designed to accommodate a variety of operational scales and styles, the V5 WMS is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and supports multiple networking protocols, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage its comprehensive warehouse management solutions.

Real-Time Inventory Updates and Sales Order Management

Key features of V5 WMS include real-time inventory updates, which are crucial for maintaining accurate stock records, and the ability to handle the creation and importation of sales orders, streamlining the sales management process and enhancing operational efficiency.

Configurable Inventory Filtering and Accurate Order Picking

The system offers configurable options for inventory filtering, aiding in efficient inventory management, and employs advanced barcode scanning technology to ensure accuracy during the order-picking process, thereby guaranteeing precision in order fulfillment.

User-Friendly Interface and Comprehensive Quality Control

V5 WMS is renowned for its user-friendly interface, enhancing ease of use and operational efficiency. Additionally, the system integrates functionalities for managing lab testing and Certificates of Analysis, supporting rigorous quality control and compliance measures.

EDI and Supply Chain Communication

The V5 WMS supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN), enhancing electronic communication within the supply chain and streamlining the exchange of critical shipping information.

Allergen Management and Business Scalability

Features for allergen management within V5 WMS ensure the safe handling of allergen-containing commodities, while the system’s scalability makes it suitable for a wide array of businesses, from small operations to large enterprises, offering flexible solutions to meet diverse warehouse management needs.