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Mastering Ingredient Weighing, Bag Handling, and Mixer Collation for Optimal Blend Consistency

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Formula Control Scale

Formulation Control System

SG Systems V5 Formula Control Scale System is the perfect way to ensure ingredients are measured & Traced accurately and consistently, without costly giveaway or out of specification batches. Brochure

The system ensures each weighed ingredient has enforced +/- unique tolerances, preventing recipe completion until all ingredients are weighed using the green speedometer style target zone.

The systems scans and validates lot numbers, providing real time inventory usage and eliminating costly traceability paperwork.  For ERP Integration, see ERP Page

Hundreds of configuration options exist in the standard system, enabling each workstation to be setup to handle many applications including batch, campaign and combination weighing.

The system provides compliance with auditors including BRC, FDA, GFSISALSAAIB and provides regulatory compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP & ALCOA+

Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale

User Friendly Batching Screens

The simple to use intuitive system allows management to schedule production jobs (or import from ERP) to 1 or more area specific batch terminals.

Each ingredient step has unique conditions (weighed, key entry, counted, bulk control ect) and jobs can be weighed in horizontal (campaign) or vertical (batch) modes, in sequential or none sequential modes.

The flexible system allows strict batch compliance, or the option to batch edit the formula or schedule on the fly.

Operator specific logins allow varying levels of access and control, recording all  activity.

Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale - Mixer Collation
Formula Control Scale
Formula Control Scale

Mixer Collation (Double Validation)

For customers wishing to scan pre-weighed / staged ingredients into a mixer or holding vessel, SG Systems offers a ‘Mixer Collation’ option.

Mixer Collation validates ingredient addition by forcing operators to scan each serialized ingredient label (pre-weighed or whole bag addition) before adding to the mixer.

Serialized Ingredient Labels are created at the point of weighing ingredients or at the time whole bags are moved from general inventory location into the staging areas.

As each item is added (using a tablet PC or Terminal), the display green highlighes the addition.  Upon batch completion, inventory is relieved.

Chemical Traceability Software

Safety, Allergens, SOP’s & QA

Commodity specific messaging ensures operator confirmation with requirements such as Allergens, Safety Instructions, HACCP & SOP’s.

Import the latest GHS Safety & Allergen Symbols to display to operators at the correct time, each time.

Create a custom library of quality assurance questions and answers to facilitate the requirements of HACCP, COSHH, SOP’s and GMP (plus many other qualify and safety standards).

The system records responses to batch specific questions, allowing for a paperless QA environment.

Ingredient / Batch Labels

Many label printing options exist to identify Ingredient / Batch printing applications.  (Click here for finished product label printing).

Standard Label Fields

Job & Batch Number, Recipe Code, Recipe Description, Operator Code & Name, Produced Date & Time, Batch Expiration, Mix Size, Batch Size, Bag Number, Weigh, Container Count.

Labeling Events (events which generate labels)

Ingredient weigh, lot change, batch end, container change, separate ingredients, non-weighed items, suspended / aborted batch.

V5 Formula Control Scale System
V5 Formula Control Scale System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System

Hardware Specifications

The SG15 Touch Screen is a NEMA4X (IP66) heavy industrial computer designed for harsh manufacturing  applications. It is usually supplied with a stainless steel fabricated stand with a built in scale, however the terminal can be supplied and connected to most existing scales and balances using internal connections.

The terminal is constructed using compression seals to maximize ingress protection.  Cables entries are sealed and protected.

The Terminals are supplied with software applications which run on Windows or Linux as a background operating system.

Stainless steel stands, scales and printer enclosures are fully welded and polished to high manufacturing standards.

Supported Peripherals

  • Weighing Equipment (4 x analogue inputs, 4 x serial RS232 inputs).
  • Bar-code Readers (hardwired USB or Bluetooth)
  • Label & RFID Printers (network)
  • Report Printers (network)
  • Temperature Probes (serial RS232)
  • PLC & switchgear (serial or network)


The terminals utilize TCP/IP communications to a database using a wired or wireless LAN.  This allows multiple Terminal to communicate with a central database.  Terminal support is conducted using VNC or RDC.

The Importance of Weighing Traceability in Production

Weighing traceability in production is an essential component in maintaining the integrity and quality of the manufacturing process. It involves the accurate measurement and tracking of ingredients or components, ensuring that each batch produced adheres to the specified formula with precise quantities. This level of accuracy is crucial in industries where the slightest deviation can impact the quality, safety, or efficacy of the final product, such as in pharmaceuticals, food production, and chemicals.

The importance of weighing traceability lies in its ability to minimize errors and waste. By accurately measuring ingredients, manufacturers can avoid costly mistakes such as overusing expensive materials or producing out-of-specification batches, which can lead to waste or rework. This accuracy is enforced through systems that set unique tolerances for each ingredient, preventing the completion of a recipe until all components are measured correctly.

Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enhances the efficiency of weighing traceability. This integration allows for real-time monitoring of inventory usage, aiding in better resource planning and reducing the need for extensive physical inventory checks. It also streamlines the documentation process, replacing manual record-keeping with digital tracking, which is not only more efficient but also reduces the risk of human error.

User-friendly interfaces and flexible systems are key to effective weighing traceability. These systems allow for easy scheduling of production jobs and can accommodate various methods of ingredient addition, whether it’s through key entry, counting, or bulk control. They also offer different levels of access and control based on operator logins, ensuring that each step of the process is monitored and recorded.

In addition to ensuring accuracy and efficiency, weighing traceability plays a crucial role in compliance and quality assurance. Many industries are subject to strict regulatory standards, and traceability systems help ensure that these standards are met. They can display important information such as allergen warnings, safety instructions, and compliance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Moreover, these systems contribute to a safer working environment. By ensuring that only the correct, serialized ingredients are added to a batch, they prevent the risk of contamination or incorrect formulations. They also support a paperless quality assurance environment, recording responses to batch-specific quality questions and facilitating the tracking of quality standards.

Overall, weighing traceability is a vital aspect of modern manufacturing, providing a foundation for accurate, efficient, and compliant production processes. Its role in ensuring product quality, reducing waste, and adhering to regulatory requirements cannot be overstated, making it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern manufacturing.

With V5 Traceability installed, batches are achieved with great accuracy!

Les Howell, Illes Seasonings & Flavors

We no longer need to keystroke the handwritten batch logs into Quickbooks. We’ve seen the benefits!

Eldad Jungreis, Sunflower Kitchen

As a provider of safe family products, it is vital to have a trusted traceability partner. SG Systems is our trusted partner.

Cydney Mathis, Slovacek Sausage

V5 Traceability has played a big role in managing our product quality which has definitely helped our growth

Mike Prasek, Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse

V5 Traceability is truly a great system to gain full insight of your business and make decisions in a timely manner.

Anthony Pariti, Always Bagels