Oracle NetSuite

Integration using V5 Connect

Oracle NetSuite V5 Traceability


‘V5 Connect’ allows companies that use NetSuite as their host ERP to exchange data with V5 Traceability applications automatically.

The standard method for data exchange for current releases of NetSuite (non-BETA) is SOAP XML. Future releases of NetSuite will include the JSON API, which can be seamlessly integrated with V5 Connect.

The diagram below highlights Master Data locations. SG Systems typically uses the host ERP system as the master data center. However, there are manufacturing and quality data requirements (such as image capture) that reside within the V5 Traceability database.

Below is a sample of a NetSuite integration at a plant using V5 Traceability software applications from receiving to shipping, with multi-level BOM’s and schedules. SG Systems can tailor V5 Connect to push and pull any data at any time interval. The data mapping process is part of our standard services package.