Bulk Ingredient & Mixer Control

Perfecting Batch Mixing and Bulk Ingredient Integration for Superior Product Consistency

Enhanced Mixer Traceability

The V5 Bulk Ingredient Control System elevates mixing process traceability by seamlessly integrating advanced features:

  • Comprehensive Batch Records: Automatically generates detailed batch records for each mix, capturing data on bulk-fed ingredients, whole bags, and precisely weighed components.
  • PLC Integration: Ensures real-time communication with Programmable Logic Controllers, facilitating accurate ingredient dispensing and consistent mixing outcomes.
  • Flexible Configuration: The system’s adaptable nature allows for communication with a broad spectrum of modern PLCs and dispensing systems, making it a versatile solution tailored to diverse manufacturing environments.

This strategic integration ensures precise mixing, enhances product quality, and supports strict regulatory compliance, reinforcing the system’s value in streamlining production processes.

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User Friendly Touch Screens

The V5 Bulk Ingredient Control System can be used to automatically control a mix (ingredient discharge, mixer times & speeds, start & stop) or work in semi automatic / manual modes. Batch Traceability Report

SG Systems can receive data from existing PLC systems to record inventory transactions against locations which provides traceability.  The system eliminates the human error associated with mix management while handling traceability transactions automatically, so you have confidence in the quality of the batch.

SG Systems Bulk Ingredient Control Terminal allows other items (whole bags, sub mixes, tablets, non-weighed ingredients) to be scanned into the mixer providing multi stage traceability.

V5 Formula Control Scale System
V5 Formula Control Scale System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System
CMS - Chemical Management System

Hardware Specifications

The SG15 Touch Screen is a NEMA4X (IP66) heavy industrial computer designed for harsh manufacturing  applications. It is usually supplied with a stainless steel fabricated stand with a built in scale, however the terminal can be supplied and connected to most existing scales and balances using internal connections.

The terminal is constructed using compression seals to maximize ingress protection.  Cables entries are sealed and protected.

The Terminals are supplied with software applications which run on Windows or Linux as a background operating system.

Stainless steel stands, scales and printer enclosures are fully welded and polished to high manufacturing standards.

Supported Peripherals

  • Weighing Equipment (4 x analogue inputs, 4 x serial RS232 inputs).
  • Bar-code Readers (hardwired USB or Bluetooth)
  • Label & RFID Printers (network)
  • Report Printers (network)
  • Temperature Probes (serial RS232)
  • PLC & switchgear (serial or network)


The terminals utilize TCP/IP communications to a database using a wired or wireless LAN.  This allows multiple Terminal to communicate with a central database.  Terminal support is conducted using VNC or RDC.

Bulk Ingredient Management Software

Ingredient Management Software, exemplified by systems like the V5 Bulk Ingredient Control System, plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing processes, particularly in industries dealing with high volumes of bulk-fed dry or liquid ingredients. These systems ensure that ingredients are accounted for and tracked accurately, whether in mixed or separated lots. This accuracy is crucial in preventing costly recall situations and maintaining the integrity of the production process.

One of the key features of such systems is their ability to manage the traceability of automatic bulk ingredient movements, such as transfers from silos to mixers. This capability is essential in ensuring that the right ingredients are used in the right quantities, thereby maintaining product quality and consistency. The integration with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems further enhances this, allowing for seamless communication and transfer of ingredients while eliminating the need for paper records.

The flexibility of Ingredient Management Software is also a significant advantage. These systems can be configured in numerous ways to suit various applications, including in food and beverage, bakery, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, and life sciences sectors. This adaptability makes them a valuable asset across a wide range of manufacturing environments.

In addition to managing the physical aspects of ingredient handling, these systems are instrumental in ensuring compliance with various quality standards such as BRC, FDA, and FSMA. The ability to automatically control mixes, including ingredient discharge and mixer times, and to work in both automatic and semi-automatic/manual modes, allows for precise control over the production process. This precision is vital not only for quality control but also for meeting the stringent regulatory requirements often encountered in industries dealing with consumables and sensitive products.

Furthermore, the hardware components, like the SG15 Touch Screen, are designed for durability and reliability in harsh manufacturing environments. Their integration with Windows or Linux operating systems and compatibility with various scales and balances make them an essential tool in the modern manufacturing landscape.

In conclusion, Ingredient Management Software is integral to the efficient, accurate, and compliant operation of manufacturing processes, especially in sectors where precision and quality are paramount. These systems provide the necessary tools for accurate ingredient tracking, quality control, and regulatory compliance, making them indispensable in today’s industrial world.

With V5 Traceability installed, batches are achieved with great accuracy!

Les Howell, Illes Seasonings & Flavors