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Digital Auditing – Remote Food Safety Audits

In recent times, the world has witnessed a significant shift towards remote solutions, virtual meetings, and online collaborations. This transformation has opened up new possibilities, even in the realm of quality assurance and paperless auditing. Companies are now embracing the concept of Digital Auditing, recognizing the potential benefits it brings to Food Safety and Quality Audits.

Revolutionizing Food Safety Audits for QA and Auditors

Traditionally, quality audits involved physical on-site inspections, but these are gradually being replaced by remote video auditing, thanks to strategically installed cameras. This approach offers a simple yet effective way to assess a facility, provided the video quality is adequate, and there are no “blank spots” that escape scrutiny. Many CCTV companies have been providing solutions for 100% plant visibility for years, primarily for employee surveillance purposes, which offers an added advantage – people tend to exhibit better behavior and enhanced productivity when they are aware they are under surveillance.

Digital Auditing with AuditTec Paperless Auditing

In some cases, an employee can facilitate the audit process by recording a detailed walk-through of operations, starting from goods receiving and ending with the shipping of final products. Hand-held devices or helmet-mounted cameras can be employed for this type of audit, which is a cost-effective alternative. However, it comes with the limitation that it relies heavily on what the employee chooses to capture, potentially creating blind spots in the audit.

But when it comes to quality audits involving multiple equipment and material inspections, safety checks, and extensive employee data entry, the traditional pen and paper method falls short. This is particularly true when compliance with stringent standards from auditing bodies such as BRC, SQF, and GFSI is essential.

That’s where S.G. Systems’ innovative product, ‘AuditTec,’ comes into play. AuditTec is a cloud-based digital auditing and compliance solution that allows for the digitization of 100% of food safety paperwork, making comprehensive and rigorous remote audits a reality.

Simon Kingman from SG Systems explains, “AuditTec is a template-based multi-module solution, offering companies a wide range of audits and inspections. This includes food safety technical audits, potentially laborious glass and Perspex audits, line checks of packing, product temperature recording, and weight checks. Importantly, it eliminates the need for cumbersome paper records and includes the BRC template to expedite compliance with minimal data setup.”

One notable feature of AuditTec is its management of non-conformances. It follows a unique escalation path that automatically logs and notifies personnel about any raised non-conformances, ensuring swift attention and action.

After completing audits, all relevant data is easily accessible through the cloud-based portal, which hosts a dashboard displaying completed audit performance data and open non-conformances. Furthermore, audits are substantiated with multiple collected images, validating the responses provided.

Paul Andrews, also from SG Systems, highlights the benefits, “Historical audit data can be recalled, viewed, and shared with external auditing bodies. This data can originate from multiple global locations without the need to sift through files and folders for paper-based evidence. This feature ensures digital auditing is efficient and adheres to the guidelines set forth by auditing bodies.”

In summary, AuditTec ensures that companies are “Audit Ready Every Day” and compliant with the rigorous Supplier and BRC certification requirements. It represents a significant step forward in modernizing the auditing process for quality assurance and food safety. For more information on AuditTec, visit

Introduction to Paperless Auditing

The concept of “paperless auditing” has brought a significant change in the field of quality assurance, particularly in food safety. SG Systems’ AuditTec is a prime example of this technological advancement.

Traditional Auditing vs. Paperless Auditing

Traditional audits involved on-site inspections and extensive paperwork. Paperless auditing, on the other hand, uses digital technology to streamline these processes, offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach.

Advantages of Paperless Auditing

  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces paper use, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Efficiency in Auditing: Facilitates faster data entry and retrieval.
  • Compliance and Standards: Simplifies compliance with auditing bodies like BRC, SQF, and GFSI.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Offers diverse auditing capabilities, meeting various requirements.

SG Systems’ AuditTec: A Case Study

  • Versatility in Auditing: Offers a range of auditing types, from safety audits to product checks.
  • Non-Conformance Management: Efficiently tracks and addresses discrepancies.
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility: Ensures easy access to audit data and reports.
  • Multimedia Integration: Uses images and videos for thorough audit documentation.

The Future of Auditing

Paperless auditing, as seen in systems like AuditTec, prepares organizations for continuous audit readiness, aligning with digital transformation trends and setting new standards in auditing efficiency and effectiveness.


Paperless auditing represents a revolutionary shift in auditing processes, especially in quality assurance and food safety, making audits more sustainable, efficient, and effective.