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Inventory Cycle Count Software

The perfect enhancement to the V5 Warehouse Management System (WMS), ‘Inventory Cycle Count Software System’ allows Management to decide what and when inventory items are checked for accuracy (Scheduled Cycle Counting).  Confirming theoretical inventory with actual inventory is necessary to align internal systems.

Many companies Cycle Count all their inventory or a periodic basis, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or annually to achieve financial accuracy.

inventory cycle count software

Cycle Counting (or Stock Taking) allows management to understand what’s physically on hand, what the systems have on hand and where the discrepancies exist between the two systems.

Scheduled Cycle Counting 

V5 Inventory Cycle Count Software System is a unique warehousing management system (WMS) because it considers all received inventory (Bags, bulk etc), then automatically reduces it (perpetual inventory) using scales & meters commonly used in production for batching (See Formula Control for details).  Automatically driving down inventory levels from production is the most efficient method of managing inventory and ensuring accurate and validated traceability.

The problem with traditional Inventory Cycle Count Software System is that it takes to much time to physically do it.  Operators are typically instructed to check all inventory items, regardless of whether it’s been used in production or not since the last time the item was checked.   Inventory labels can be auto printed to detail where items have been adjusted, stating the reason as in the example below.

Inventory Cycle Count Software Label | WMS Label | Warehouse Management


V5 Inventory Cycle Count Software System uses a sophisticated algorithm to help managers schedule cycle counting based on what’s been used in production since the last cycle count and which are the most expensive items on hand.  V5 Cycle Count ensure each inventory item is counted at lease once a quarter (or whichever period you define) to fulfill GMP requirements.   In other words, you are only checking what’s important and likely to have discrepancies.

The Result – Fewer Inventory Errors, Less Cycle Counting = Increased Profitability

ERP & Accounting Integration

V5 Cycle Count features a very user friendly and simple to use Warehouse Management WMS interface.  The software runs on Windows 10 wireless tablet computers which utilize barcode readers to make the tasks faster and more reliable.  It can also run on desktop PC’s or Industrial Terminals depending on your environmental requirements.

Typically V5 Inventory Cycle Count Software System exchanges data with existing ERP or Accounting Systems in real time, as such systems are not normally operator friendly and expose management to risk by exposing such systems to the shop floor.  In a normal implementation, V5 Gateway exchanges data on purchase orders, sales orders, item masters, stock locations (rack, rows, bins aisles, proximity etc), allergens and even cycle counting schedules.  V5 Gateway then handles these functions safely and returns updates to the ERP System in real time.

Cycle Counting Reporting

Any Cycle Counting that takes place will allow the user to generate a report on the activity.  The Cycle Count Report details all inventory items with their respective lots, together with their previous value and new updated values.  ‘Reasons’ are captured for the adjustments (which are management defined).  Costing data allows management to see the new adjusted values and any positive or negative gains.   Hyperlinked lots allow forward traceability reporting of any cycle counted lot to allow management to see exactly where in production the lots have been used.

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More details on the Inventory Cycle Counting Software System can be found on the V5 WMS page or by contacting SG Systems at [email protected]