December 1, 2023

OptiColor, Inc. Colored Plastics Manufacturing with the V5 Formulation Weighing System

OptiColor, Inc., a trailblazer in the colored plastic industry, announces the groundbreaking integration of the V5 Formulation Weighing System, a technological advancement that significantly enhances their manufacturing process.

Formulation Weighing System

The Company’s Evolution

Founded in 1995, OptiColor, Inc. has consistently focused on delivering high-quality, small-volume colored plastics, addressing a previously unmet need in the industry. Their dedication to precision and cleanliness in production has set them apart in various sectors, including lighting, eyewear, medical, and automotive industries.

Challenges in Production Consistency

Maintaining color consistency and quality has been a paramount challenge for OptiColor. The need for a sophisticated and accurate weighing and tracking system became evident to uphold their commitment to excellence.

Implementing V5 Formulation Weighing System

OptiColor chose the V5 Traceability and Formulation Weighing System from SG Systems, a decision that marks a significant step forward in their production capabilities. This system offers advanced features like real-time tracking, electronic batch reporting, and high-precision weighing, streamlining the manufacturing process while enhancing product quality and consistency.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Material Tracking: Ensures meticulous tracing of each batch, integral to OptiColor’s quality assurance.
  • Advanced Weighing and Formulation: Provides accurate, consistent weighing and mixing of materials, a core aspect of OptiColor’s unique product offerings.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Reduces manual errors, enhances inventory management, and streamlines production processes.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Trust: Ensures that OptiColor continues to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


The integration of the V5 Traceability and Formulation Weighing System represents a significant milestone for OptiColor, Inc., reinforcing its position as a leader in the colored plastics industry. This advancement not only speaks to OptiColor’s commitment to innovation but also assures its clientele of continued excellence and reliability in every product.

Formulation Weighing Systems FAQ’s

  1. What is a Formulation Weighing System? A Formulation Weighing System is a specialized tool used in manufacturing for accurately weighing and combining ingredients according to specific formulas. It ensures precision in the mixing process, which is critical for maintaining product quality.

  2. How does a Formulation Weighing System benefit manufacturing? This system streamlines the production process by offering precise measurements, which leads to consistent product quality, reduces waste, and enhances overall manufacturing efficiency.

  3. Can the system handle multiple formulas? Yes, these systems are designed to manage a wide range of formulas, making them versatile for different production requirements.

  4. Is the Formulation Weighing System suitable for small-scale production? Absolutely, the system is adaptable to both small and large-scale production environments, providing flexibility in various manufacturing settings.

  5. Does the system improve product quality? By ensuring accurate ingredient proportions, the system significantly enhances the quality and consistency of the final product.

  6. Is the system user-friendly? Modern Formulation Weighing Systems are typically equipped with intuitive interfaces, making them user-friendly and easy to operate even for new users.

  7. Can the system be integrated with existing production lines? Yes, these systems are usually designed for seamless integration with existing manufacturing lines, enhancing the existing production process without major overhauls.

  8. How does the system ensure ingredient traceability? The system meticulously tracks and records each ingredient and its quantity used in the production, providing complete traceability and accountability.

  9. Does the system reduce production errors? By automating the weighing and mixing process, the system minimizes human errors, leading to more consistent and reliable production outputs.

  10. Can the system handle volatile or hazardous materials? Many Formulation Weighing Systems are specifically designed to safely manage a variety of material types, including volatile and hazardous substances.

  11. Is real-time monitoring possible with these systems? Real-time monitoring is a key feature, allowing for immediate oversight and adjustments during the production process.

  12. How does the system impact inventory management? The accurate data provided by the system ensures efficient inventory management, reducing overstocking and minimizing shortages.

  13. Can the system be customized for specific industry needs? Customization is a common feature, allowing the system to be tailored to meet specific industry requirements and challenges.

  14. Are these systems compliant with industry regulations? Most systems are engineered to comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring legal and operational compliance.

  15. How does the system contribute to sustainability? By optimizing ingredient usage and reducing waste, the system supports more sustainable manufacturing practices.

  16. Is remote access to the system’s data possible? Many modern systems offer remote access capabilities, enabling management and monitoring from different locations.

  17. How does the system manage complex formulations? The system is adept at handling complex formulations with precision, ensuring each component is accurately measured and mixed.

  18. What kind of support is available for these systems? Providers typically offer comprehensive support, including installation, training, and ongoing technical assistance.

  19. Can the system be upgraded as technology advances? Yes, most systems are designed with future upgrades in mind, allowing them to stay current with technological advancements.

  20. How does the system handle data security and privacy? Robust security measures are usually implemented to protect sensitive data and ensure privacy and confidentiality.

About OptiColor, Inc.: A leader in the colored plastic industry, OptiColor specializes in high-quality, small-volume applications, serving diverse industries with a commitment to precision and quality.

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